Journal Prompts – Week Three

Can you believe we are about to enter the 3rd week of January?! Let’s stay positive, continue to work on the things we love, and work on using our voice through our writing, speaking, art, and how we show up in this world.

As promised, here are your weekly journaling prompts. When I do the prompts myself before sharing them with you, I set a timer for 15 minutes and see what comes out in my journal. There are no rules around how you use them, but this is a good way to begin if you are new to using prompts.

I enjoy reading what comes up for you as you respond to them, so feel free to tag me on social or backlink here on the blog if you write or record a response. I’ve also enjoyed seeing the responses those of you who journal them in handwriting have sent to me via email. It’s exciting for me to see that these little ideas in my brain are fun and helpful for you as well.

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Journal Prompts – Week Two

We made it to week two of 2022. How has it been for you? I have had a wonderful week with eye-opening conversations and events, joy-filled moments, and a ton of organization and preparation for this year! There have been moments of complete exhaustion because of all the things going on in my mind, but I’ve embraced that as part of my personality, so I am learning to make idea lists and move on until I am ready to explore new ideas and activities.

As promised, each Sunday I will post prompts for journaling. They will be a mix of creative, reflective, and other prompts based upon what’s going on in my head for the week. Some weeks, they will turn into posts in the future, other times they are just things that floated through my mind that I journaled about or thought would be fun to write about so I am sharing them.

Pick a prompt and write until you feel done, or set a timer for 15 minutes and see what comes out. Remember to tag me when you’re done or backlink to this blog so I can stop by and read what you posted!

For those who are visually impaired, scroll past the pictures for the section with the prompts written out. I hope this helps you participate as well!

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Journal Prompts – Week One

Every Sunday in 2022, I am going to share journal prompts for those who enjoy journaling. There will be creative writing prompts as well as personal journaling prompts to allow you to think through some things, plan things, etc.

Journaling is my lifeline and I look forward to doing some more creative writing this year based upon the prompts. I hope they inspire you to do the same. Feel free to tag me or backlink so I can see what you come up with if you do the creative writing prompts!

There are no rules for what you do. Write on paper, blog, write a song, or create art as you see fit. How you respond is totally up to you. For those who would like to share your response, post it in a sharable link and send it in the comments or by tagging me on social media. I’m honored for any of you, even the ones I’ll never know about, to participate. Many of these prompts will come from journaling entries or stories I written that will never see daylight. The joy of writing out the thought caused me to want to share the prompt with you. Others are thoughts that come as I go through my days and would like to explore sometime.

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Poetry: Words that Cut Deep (After “Stumble” by Amanda Baker)

I previously shared that I was really starting to enjoy this “after” poetry idea where you write a poem based upon a line from a poem you’ve read. Tonight, Amanda Baker (a poet, therapist, and yoga instructor who has guest blogged for me over on The Essential Creative and was the inspiration of my last after as well) has inspired me again.

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Letter To a Younger Me

“What would you say to your younger self if you could go back and visit her (or him)?”

I’ve always looked at this question as an invitation to give advice. To speak wisdom. To use my big girl voice and tell her all the things I’ve learned in life. To share things that she wouldn’t know because of her inexperience living life.


Today I realize, if I could go back and talk to her, I wouldn’t tell her any of the stuff I’d always thought I would. I would just hug her and let her know I’m proud of her for persevering. I’d thank her for not giving up. For choosing the pen and not the knife. For swallowing pride and not pills. For continuing to push through it all when she thought she couldn’t live another day.

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For Those Who Are Hurting…

You are who are pretending to be okay when you are hurting inside and barely holding on to the little you have, I see your struggle.

You who are continuing to pour out to others even though your heart longs to be poured into, I hear your cries.

You who are showing up despite wanting to quit, I honor your sacrifice.

I see you. I hear you. I honor you.

And I give you permission to break. To cry out and let others know you aren’t okay. To stop being so strong and tell someone that you feel shattered. To give up the facade of having it all together and let folks know that you are barely breathing each morning because catching your breath is an unattainable action right now.

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Poetry: A Thousand Ways to Skip (After Amanda Baker)

I was reading Amanda’ Baker’s post on IG and immediately some thoughts flowed into my mind, so I jotted them down and sent them to her. This is another “after”, meaning that the poem came after reading someone else’s and is directly inspired by a line(s) in their poem.

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Poetry: Standing On My Tippy Toes – Reading

Today I decided to finally start sharing my own poetry through readings, something I have shied away from. Here’s my first one. My favorite from When I Stopped Remembering Tomorrow (2020).

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Wrap Up: Where To Go From Here

Throughout the challenge, I’ve shared a lot of information about procrastination and being proactive. I did my best to break this complex habit down into bite-sized pieces so you could better understand what triggers procrastination. By reviewing typical examples, my goal was for you to recognize similarities in your behavior to help you get a handle on procrastination and develop a positive and proactive lifestyle.

Since there’s so much information out there it may feel like you need days to absorb it all before taking action. That’s a typical response since most people want to know what they are jumping into before taking a big leap. We talked about how analysis paralysis is a function of procrastination, so it makes sense that you could find yourself waiting for the right circumstances to stop bad habits and start new ones.

I’d like to encourage you to start today. You made it to Day 30 of the 30-Day Challenge! While there’s never a perfect time to start doing something new, today is as perfect as it will get. The circumstances may not be what you wanted them to be, but you can begin and figure things out along the way.  

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Resources to Help You Stop Procrastinating

We are getting close to the end of our challenge! So far, I’ve shared a lot of resources designed to help you stop procrastinating and start living a proactive life. I can tell from talking with a few of you and some friends who have joined me on this journey that we are all doing our best to stop this habit and divorce procrastination for good.

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