Poetry: 3:33

Twilight yet I can’t sleep.

My mind goes back…

I want to go back…

Can we go back?

To that moment three years ago…

To that space two years ago…

To that moment a year ago?

I go back but I can’t figure out where to stand.

On which side of this story do I sit?

Through which door do I want to walk?

Do I want to go back to the moment before it all changed…

Before it all disappeared…

Before it washed away with my tears?

Or do I want to go to the moment after we disconnected,

After I walked away,

Thinking this was going to finally be it?

That you were finally it?

That you were finally him?

But you can never be him

because you look for the same thing I do,

And I’m just not that open minded.

So instead I sit here typing

on my phone when I should be sleeping

Because even three years later

I can’t get my two eyes to agree

That you aren’t the one I dream of.


1/26/21 3:33 am

Impress Yourself: Permission to Rest

I want to talk to those of you who have been hustling, grinding, and trying to get everything now but need permission to rest, to lean into who you are and make your path clear, to create a life you love without feeling like that means everyone else has to love it too. This is for you. It’s long but it needs to be said and you need to hear it.

Impress yourself, ladies! It’s time to do what will make you proud when you fall asleep at night instead of creating an Instagram-friendly, perfectly filtered life that looks beautiful to others but unfulfilling to you other than how it feels when others are impressed.

Yesterday, I took time to sit and listen to “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey. I sat and purposed to enjoy every moment of it, take some notes of my favorite “bumper stickers”, and really listen to what he was sharing about life, love, family, and faith. That impressed me since I usually listen while scrapbooking, cleaning, or moving in some way. But yesterday, I allowed myself to just sit and listen. And I loved it!

Impress yourself.

•What books have you wanted to read?  Read them!
•What skill have you wanted to improve?  Take time to do so!
•What part of your yard would you like to spend more time in? Go enjoy it!
•What series have you wanted to binge? Today’s a great day for doing that!
•What chores have you wanted to finish that don’t feel “big enough” to focus on? Focus on them today. (Can we talk about how great it really feels to get all those unmatched socks matched and clear out the sheets/comforter closet?!)
•What sermon have you wanted to take time to sit and truly unpack? Listen to it today. Take all the time you need.

Whatever it is you consider rest and whatever you’ve wanted to do but have pushed aside because it hasn’t felt like it will get you close to your goals. You may surprised by how it will help.

I’ve heard that people regret what they didn’t do when it comes time to take their last breath. This includes rest, time with family, time for themselves. So take time to do what will impress YOU!

Here’s your permission.

Until next time,


Living Your Life Intentionally

Back in August and September, Beth Perry and I sat down to talk about the importance of continuously evolving. I was finally able to piece the videos together to share with you last night and was so inspired by our conversation. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Shell Vera, a Voice Discovery Coach and writer, sat down with Beth Perry, a Human Potential Expert and Business Strategist, to talk about the importance of continuously evolving. The ladies had quite the discussion – so good that a storm interrupted their discussion right as the golden nuggets were starting to drop. If you’ve ever had a conversation with one of these ladies, you will LOVE this chat where they lay it all out on the table and cover questions and discussion points it’s possible many have been struggling with during 2020.

Beth’s passion is people and places; happier lives is her mission. She lives to empower others and herself to live happier lives. She helps others understand themselves in a unique way so they can appreciate their differences and nuances. Hear a bit about her journey starting at 2:22. This part of the conversation will bring much freedom to individuals who haven’t lived a linear path or the standard American path of graduating, getting a job, staying in that job until retirement or at least for 10-20 years.

Starting at 6:30, the ladies discuss giving yourself permission to change. You DO NOT have to remain stuck when you are ready to evolve. You don’t have to believe the lies that you’ve been told that your journey must progress like others. You are allowed to start, stop, pause, restart, progress, begin all over, etc. Allow yourself to redefine what things mean. At The Essential Creative, we often hear people say they aren’t creative but the truth is we all create in some way.

At 8:36 Beth explains how working in your zone of genius (where you are strongest in creating) can look to others. Bethany shares some tips about overcoming fear and taking baby steps to make small shifts that will help you progress toward your goals. Give yourself permission to be a little more proud of yourself, a little more open to thinking about what you could do, a little more courageous.

At 17:43 the ladies discuss the idea of “both…and”. This important concept changed Shell’s life when Beth taught her this idea nearly a decade ago. This idea encompasses being able to be two things that don’t seem to go together, or two actions that don’t see to line up. It’s absolutely okay to be a great mother AND a great businesswoman. You can enjoy your alone time AND have friends. You can have money AND love. It changes your thoughts and the way you show up when you realize you don’t have to choose between things you want.

Around the 24:30 point, the video makes a transition a few weeks ahead due to a storm taking out the power for the first interview (everyone was okay, only trees were harmed during the nasty tropical storm that ran through the area unexpectedly). The ladies don’t miss a beat as they jump into a discussion around the statistics of how many times we hear “No” in our lifetime and a personal choice Beth has made with parenting that will empower all of us to retrain the way we speak to ourselves (and our children if we choose). Does everything have to be a yes or no, or are we holding ourselves back due to limiting-beliefs? Listen in to hear more.

Around 35:00 Beth shares with us how important it is to ask ourselves important questions about how we talk to ourselves and the energy from which it comes. She encourages us to think about the conditions we put upon ourselves and whether they are always necessary. Being a better parent begins with challenging ourselves to evolve.

The ladies then move into a discussion around impact on the world and how our impact isn’t always about being this grand personality in the world or having a highly visible. You may only interact with one or two people and will still have an impact on millions of people due to the impact they will have on others. We all make a difference in the world and on others in some capacity. Allow yourself to expand your thinking and let your light shine by showing up as your best self in each situation, whatever that looks like for this moment. People who loves numbers will enjoy this segment as the ladies dive into numbers.

This discussion travels a path into possibilities, thinking of how we address our fears, and how to talk with people tuned into WII.FM. Around 47:00 minutes you will understand what that means! As the ladies discuss replacing “can’t” with “won’t” and understanding how this small change has such a HUGE impact on how you proceed. There is so much gold in this section you may want to have your pen and paper ready.

We hope you will enjoy this conversation and listen all the way through. There is sooooo much in the whole conversation AND especially in the end.

To connect with Beth, visit:

To connect with Shell, visit:

Poetry: Willpower

While working on some prompts from the IG poetry community, I thought it would be fun to pull out some old poetry that has been sitting on my hard drive. This one is from 2007. More than a decade later and it’s appropriate I found it now as I’ve been struggling to stick with my positive eating habits.


All it took was commitment

The ability to stick with a decision

The strength to follow through

But instead I failed

I gave in

I ate the chocolate chip cookie

All it took was faithfulness

The ability to pick up the book

The strength to read for an hour

But instead I failed

I gave in

I logged onto my computer

All it took was dedication

The ability to get on the machine

The strength to endure for 30 minutes

But instead I failed

I gave in

I took a nap

All it took was devotion

The ability to get upon the cross

The strength to endure the worst torture

He succeeded

He didn’t give in

He conquered death and gave me life.

All it takes is steadfastness

The ability to follow His Word

The strength to listen to Him

I will succeed

I will not give in

I will follow His will.

©2007 Shell Vera

Join Amanda Baker & Shell Vera to Learn How To Publish Your Poetry or Personal Reflections Book

If you have a book of poetry or personal reflections you have been wanting to publish but don’t know how, join Amanda Baker and I as we share what we experienced and learn through publishing our own books earlier this year. We will share the honest look at whether you should hire an editor and proofreader, what you can do about your cover, and how you can put your book together quickly if you already have poetry / reflections sitting around in notebooks and on your hard drive.

Register at bit.ly/SitSip_PublishYourBook2020 today!

October 15th, 2020, 7 – 9 pm Eastern Time via Zoom

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Kokoro Inc.: Marketing in Less Time While Being Authentic and Creative

Back in March, I had a chanced to sit with Cindy Zuelsdorf, founder of Kokoro Inc to discuss marketing with authenticity and creativity. The chat was filled with some great tips and wonderful takeaways that you can apply today if you are struggling with your marketing content. The best part of Cindy’s philosophy in her marketing genius is that she shows folks how to market in less time with less effort yet reap bountiful results.

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Poetry: Wreckage

I was playing around with allusion this weekend based upon a photo I found… the photo and poem actually have NOTHING to do with one another other than the subject matter. I love how the mind works though! If you’re interested in joining in a challenge that will give you opportunities to write poetry and short stories sharing your story based upon pictures and prompts, join the Become What You Once Thought Impossible Writing Challenge 2020 that kicks of Thursday!

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When You Realize You Can Soar…

(I so thought I had published this on September 11th, then remembered I didn’t want to post that day because it felt tacky to me and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to break this into two posts since there is so much within it. I like to live in my integrity so I stepped away and spent time with my family, only to leave this in drafts totally forgetting I didn’t schedule it for later. As such, please know the references to “today” are actually September 11 not today. I’ve decided to share it as it is, as I am not big on editing myself unless it feels like it’s better for the writing and consumption of it.)

Last year a thought popped into my head while journaling:

I once believed I needed you to catch me. Then I realized that I too knew how to soar. ~Shell Vera

And in case you haven’t read my writing before, when I have a thought it can become just about anything from a journal prompt to a fulfilled dream. It all depends upon the day and my desire to explore it further.

This one sat for a while within the journal.

Then it made its way on my creative writing blog.

Then I started thinking about what it really meant.

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Strategy Sessions with Shell (aka “Rent Shell’s Brain”)

Sometimes you don’t need an entire program. You just need focused time to brainstorm with another human and hear something from outside your own voice. That’s where I come in! During our Strategy Sessions, we will hone in on the problem and identify a solution. How long and how many are up to your attention span and your budget. 

Stragtey sessions with Shell
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Become What You Once Thought Impossible – Last Quarter 2020 Challenge

I love looking back at my old words so I can see how far I’ve come from that lonely, sad, angry, broken little girl I once was. I think of those years and see where I am today and realize that I can truly conquer anything. What makes me a good coach is that I’ve walked through so much that I’ve lived out the act of sharing my story authentically, confidently, and responsibly. That’s why I am so committed to ensuring others do the same. It’s also why I struggle to understand why I try to separate being a writer from being a coach. Writing is what led me to coaching. Seeing my brokenness transform into wholeness beyond what I ever thought possible for myself is something I wish to share with every human ready to embrace that journey.

As such, I announce a challenge to myself that I am going to extend outward to those of you who are ready to share your story and would like some encouragement along the way. This challenge is geared toward heart-centered writers, bloggers, and poets who would like to challenge themselves to go one layer deeper in the last quarter of this year.

If you are ready to step into your “Next”, let’s join together on the journey. We will take time to reflect back as we move forward and share the stories that made us who we are today.

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