7 Words Every Author Should Spell Correctly

I know social media is a beast we all play with because we have to. I also understand that many authors would rather be writing than making posts or engaging with an audience. However, if you are going to post on social media you have to ensure you are using correctly grammar and spelling if you want your readers to believe you write your own books. One of the quickest giveaways that an author relies too heavily on a ghostwriter or an editor is that your social media posts are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors despite your books being perfectly presented. STOP THIS MADNESS TODAY!

There are too many sites out there available to help you understand proper use of commonly confused words. Some examples include:

Since I know many authors – and that includes you – are too busy to actually go read the sites I just listed, I have shared the most bothersome misused words in an easy-to-reference infographic below. I hope you will take time to read it, remember the correct use of each word, and start applying this learning today.


As a bonus, folks who charge for editing by the hour versus the project will now cost less because they are spending that much less time editing your books if you also apply this to the writing in your books. Since these are not changes one can trust the spell check to pick up, editors must correct these mistakes as they see them in your book (though many editors will do a search and find at least once in the editing process to ensure all uses are correct).

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