Having a Dream versus Having Goals

If you’ve been feeling like others are achieving their dreams while you stand still, maybe you haven’t committed to your dream? Maybe you don’t understand it yet? Before you can accurately identify your voice, you must know what your dream for your life is. However, many people confuse big goals with dreams. Those aren’t what I am referring to when I talk about knowing your dream and breaking it into SMART goals and actionable steps.

Let’s watch this video about the difference between a dream and goals.

Eric Thomas: Dream vs. Goals

I like how Eric Thomas pointed out here the difference between dreams and goals. It’s important to understand before you try to break your dream down into actionable goals that a dream is something bigger than you. Achieving your dream will mean other lives change too. So on this site, when we talk about dreams we are talking about those ultimate visions for your life that lead to you changing others’ lives by walking out your purpose.


Hopefully after watching the video you have a better understanding of what your dream is versus your goals. This month, focus on the steps needed to fulfill your dreams.

  • What training do you need? Where can you get it?
  • What education are you missing? Where can you receive it?
  • Who are some mentors you can ask to mentor you?

Write out everything it will take to make the dream come to fruition. Skills, people, places, abilities, etc. Then list any steps you can take to make it happen. Use a mind-mapping technique if you have to, where just write everything that you are thinking on paper(or in a computer application / app) and then keep linking things together until you’ve exhausted all your thinking. When you’re done your paper will be a mess but you’ll have some ideas to work with. Grab these ideas and show how you can turn them into SMART goals. Once you have goals, you can start the road toward achieving your dream!

"The real dream is never about the individual." ~ Eric Thomas

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