Your Story May Not Be Right for a Book

“You have to write a book!”

How many time have you heard that when you share your story with someone? While some will tell you that books are for everyone and that everyone has a story that can be turned into a book, it’s just NOT true. But that doesn’t mean your hopes of transforming lives through the power of your transformation or experience won’t help others! It just means that you need to step outside of the box.

You can share your story through so many formats:

  • keynotes
  • speaking engagements
  • poetry
  • music
  • plays
  • movies
  • blogs
  • monologues
  • skits
  • paintings
  • courses
  • workshops

That’s just a sample of some of the ways I’ve helped clients and friends share their story with the world. The key comes down to understanding your audience, your vision, and your dream; as well as your gifts and the platform on which you will do best sharing your story (and that doesn’t mean you don’t stretch yourself to use other platforms that could be helpful to furthering your reach).

Step outside the box you’ve been taught to think within. If you need help doing this, let’s discuss how you can share your story.

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