Your Story May Come from Your Devastation

What if I told you that some of the best stories come from people who thought their life was over?

In this TED Talk by Majd Mashharawit, she talks about how she is making bricks from ashes. Literally.

Do you feel like your life is currently beyond repair? Ms. Mashharawi’s life was literally in a state of devastation and yet she was able to think outside the box and discover a new way to build materials from her war-torn city.

What can you do with your life and the resources around you by drawing from strength and thinking outside the box to see solutions you hadn’t thought of already? What is sitting in front of you daily that you can use to get your life back to a place where you feel good about it?

From a story perspective, I love that Ms. Mashharawi is sharing her story through TED Talks and motivating many while also educating people about the women in her community and how they are treated and viewed. In one talk, you can learn about life in Gaza, how women are treated in another area of the world, and a story that will help you reflect on your own life to think about what is right in front of you that may be the solution to all of your complaints currently.

Listen to the talk today and get motivated!

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