Are you afraid of the dark?

I saw this quote at the beginning of a book I read many years ago. I couldn’t help but think of how so many people are afraid of who they truly are, especially Christians who believe they have a BIG purpose but don’t know how to get there. They become afraid to step fully into their being and live a small life seemingly afraid of their voices. I dislike when I see this because my life goal is to see people walk in their purpose, especially people who have felt like they live in the shadows.

I live from a Christian perspective in which I believe God created us to be amazing. I don’t believe He desires for us to live small lives based upon the scriptures. So I challenge each of us to explore what it is that scares us and makes us feel okay living invisible or small lives rather than stepping fully into our purpose. Release the light within you so you can shine the way for others who have dimmed their light.

2 Comments on “Are you afraid of the dark?

  1. I’ve never heard that quote by Plato before – powerful!
    Thanks for sharing this post and for the challenge to step into our purpose and live large.

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