You Have Permission…

You have permission to change, grow, and expand. You are encouraged to change how you think, how you feel, and how you view things. You are allowed to outgrow your role, job, hobbies, and anything else that you desire to elevate in your life. You are able to expand your desires, your social circle, and your current beliefs anytime you feel like it’s too small or feel challenged to go to the next level (even the Bible encourages moving from milk to meat). If anyone tells you otherwise, ask them to provide you with any reference that says we are to remain the same throughout life. (Hint: There are none. There’s no Scripture, book, or philosophy that encourages people to remain as they are.)

Once I realized this truth and gave myself permission to grow, my life changed. I’m not yet where I’d like to be but I’m in a space where I know I’m challenging even my best beliefs about myself. I’m growing each day and ensuring I am living life as I am purposed in this time while preparing for the future.

Grab some tea or coffee and give yourself permission to think about how you’d like to change, grow, or expand. Then put your plan together and execute! It may not be easy but you won’t know whether it is hard or what challenges you may face until you take the first step.

3 Comments on “You Have Permission…

  1. Amen!
    I’m definitely about self-improvement and self-development. To remain the same is to become stagnant.
    I heard something interesting the other day from motivational speaker Tony Robbins. He said the secret to happiness is self-improvement and I do believe he’s right.
    Have a great day Shell Vera and thanks for sharing this post.

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    • Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by. When I search scripture and read books about life, science, and psychology, I don’t see anything that gives us permission to remain the same. Yet so many of us feel like growing is not good because it leaves people behind. That’s okay!! We’re crested to move on! We’re created to grow and evolve! I am also a big fan of self-development. Thanks again for stopping by! ~Shell

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