Step Away from the Crowd for Clarity: Journaling

A friend once told me that before she wrote her album, she spent a year without listening to any music because she wanted her voice to be authentic. This is a beautiful idea. If you spend too much time reading what everyone else is writing and listening to how everyone else is singing, you may forget what makes your voice so special. Since we don’t all have a year to step away due to our roles, journaling is a perfect activity to allow you to step away and hear your own voice loudly.

One of the best ways to learn your voice is through journaling. Take time this week to journal about your “ANDs”. These are the things you are tired of feeling like you have to choose between.

  • You CAN crush your goals AND be a great mom.
  • You CAN be selective in who you spend your time with AND be a great friend.
  • You CAN be a strong Christian AND love everyone you encounter even if they live lifestyles you believe aren’t Biblical.

Society has taught us that we must choose either / or when we can have both / and. I can be a great coach AND still be walking through some of my own processes in growing my own voice each day. You can be a great client AND still be unsure of whether you are cut out for sharing your own story. Life doesn’t demand we choose; it commands we make room.

6 Comments on “Step Away from the Crowd for Clarity: Journaling

  1. Definitely agree journaling is a good way to develop your voice as a writer. It’s also a great resource for mining when you need ideas for writing projects.
    Thanks for the prompt idea to journal about our ANDS. I can see myself using that one, maybe even this week.

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  2. Hi Shell,
    I did try it but I have to say it was not one of my best writing efforts. I think it was one of those days when I did not feel particularly inspired. I will probably try it again at a later date cos I do like the idea of this prompt.

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    • You’re such a great writer and for some because they are skilled in writing for others, it’s actually harder for them to write for themselves. You might consider trying writing it as a blog post that you don’t publish. Maybe changing the audience will help you.

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