How Journaling Empowers You In Living a Proactive Life

This one is my favorite one. Of all the practical things you can do, journaling is the top one if you have any creative bone in your body. It can help you reduce or eliminate procrastination and develop a more proactive lifestyle. The very act of journaling can promote reduced stress, increase recordkeeping, goal planning and achievement, and

Journaling helps procrastinators better understand what’s keeping you from taking action and helps keep you on track moving forward. It’s easy to use journaling for a productive lifestyle.

a picture of notebooks and a keyboard.

Journaling Allows You To Track Your Journey

If you haven’t journaled before you may not know how useful it can be. Journaling your thoughts has a way of helping you sort them out. Putting pen or pencil to paper, or your fingers to a keyboard can help you get all of the thoughts and emotions out of your head which can create space to start solving problems. In some ways, writing things out has the same cathartic affect as being heard. It sooths the swirling mind and starts to validate how you feel.

Journaling Reduces Stress

We procrastinate when we are stressed and don’t want to face a task. Journaling can reduce stress significantly. A doodle journal is a wonderful way to use art to calm the mind. Creating something fun and engaging with paint, pens, pencils, or crayons can help ease troubles and gather energy for important tasks you may otherwise put off.

Journaling Promotes Planning

A proactive lifestyle includes making plans and preparing for roadblocks. Journaling is an excellent way to create plans, make lists, and record your progress and/or roadblocks. Planning journals can help with time management and breaking complex assignments into manageable pieces. I use a combination of Darren Hardy’s Living Your Best Year Ever planner and The Happy Planner system. Darren’s keeps me focused for my business goals while The Happy Planner helps me plan and track my life.

Journaling Provides Space for Reflection and Growth

Sometimes looking back is a great way to see how far you’ve come. Keeping journals can offer a historical look at what you’ve been through and how you’ve matured over time. Keeping an account of your journey and sharing your innermost thoughts is helpful and can motivate you to keep on going.

If you struggle to come up with ideas for what to write about on your journey or have trouble digging deep within yourself at first, try these journal prompts I’ve shared on my IG profile.

woman journaling

I’ve been journaling since I was about eight in various ways, and have used it consistently as a way to track my life since high school. Journaling helped me get through my life at times when I felt all alone and it helps me still when I have a circle of friends I can talk to when needed. I recommend it not only for living a proactive lifestyle but to maintain good mental health, process feelings and emotions, and track your growth in areas of your life that you want to measure later.

Bonus Gift for You

If you made it this far – Day 27 – I applaud you for continuing to come. This is a free copy for your personal use only of a 30-Day Mindfulness Journal in PDF format. Consider it my gift to you for stopping by and for being willing to improve yourself by living a more proactive lifestyle.

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    • I feel the same way. I believe journaling helps us stay in touch with our emotions and address some of the stuff we can’t usually say out loud.


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