Procrastination to Progress Challenge: Weekly Check In #4

It’s Day 28 of our October Procrastination to Progress Challenge. How are you doing?

Today is a real easy post. You’ve been doing the hard work this week so today is catch up day. If you missed any of the work from the previous 6 days, jump in and do them today. Breathe a little, relax, and enjoy your progress so far!

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” 
~Maya Angelou

Quote over a picture of a butterfly with a drop of water on a flower

This week, we’ve covered:

  • The role perfection plays in hindering you from living a proactive lifestyle
  • 7 tips you can implement to stop procrastinating
  • The importance of establishing a strong support system
  • Why you should remember people are watching you to see if they too can succeed
  • How you can use pictures and video to record your progress
  • How journaling can empower you to live a more proactive life

Which one stood out you most?

Enjoy the break today! I’ll see you tomorrow to start Week 5 or our 30-day challenge.

Man on top of damaged plane. Pic Jumbo photo credit Viktor Hanachek

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