Letting Go Can Be Beautiful

This time of year, we see colorful leaves and dead trees all around us in the Northern US. We take pictures of their shedding process, producing stunning backdrops to this beautiful season while sometimes missing the powerful lesson the trees teach us: There’s beauty in letting go!

There’s a quote that says, “This is the time of year when the trees teach us that there is beauty in letting dead things go.” Dead things in your life can silence your voice. What is dead in your life that you need to let go of?

Have you been holding on too long to a relationship (or multiple relationships) that is one way? Have you been trying to prove your worth to someone who refuses to see it? Are you always the one to reach out and realize that it doesn’t feel great knowing you care more than others do? You can change those things! Let go!! There is no rule that you HAVE to stay friends with people who aren’t returning what you give in effort and love. There are many people in this world. Go meet some new friends. You will be surprised by how beautiful the world is when things are reciprocal most of the time!

At a career that sucks the life out of you? What stops you from applying to new roles? Don’t let comfort and complacency keep you stuck!

Feeling like you’re not performing at your best? Let go of bad habits, overwhelm, discontent, and a bad mindset. Shift the way you look at the world and see how beautiful your life could look if you let go of the traits and habits you can change!

And finally, but not at all least important, let go of unrealistic expectations! Don’t expect so much from yourself and others that no one can live up to your standards. Take time to evaluate what you expect and how that lines up with your goals. Sometimes you kill your own dreams by expecting too much and saying no to things and people who can help you accomplish them. Have standards but not unrealistic expectations.

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