Fireside Chat: JRenee of No Honey Makeup & Shell Vera of The Essential Creative

This past Monday I launched a new series over on my creative blog: Fireside Chats with The Essential Creative. JRenee Burgess of No Honey Makeup spoke with me about how she took the leap from fully employed to launching her own makeup line and being an entrepreneur full-time. It’s an inspiring story filled with transparency about the moments when she wanted to throw it all in. We also cover faith and beauty and how to go after your dreams with full assurance that you are in the right place! It was a fun first chat and I am excited to share it with you.

Leave your comments below or on the YouTube channel and subscribe to The Essential Creative so you receive notifications for the upcoming Monday chats. I have already recorded four that will be posting in the coming weeks! Hearing what each person has to share will not only help you as you better understand your own voice, but will help you in business, family, faith, and community as well.

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