7 Gift Ideas for Writers & Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s that time of year where those of use who celebrate Christmas are wondering what do we buy those folks on our list for whom we can’t seem to find anything that jumps off the shelf at us. We walk through each store and wonder if they’d like this or that, and then talk ourselves out of it, knowing we wouldn’t really like those items so why would they? But what if the answer if a more obvious than you think? What if there are options you haven’t considered that would just take asking a few questions to learn more about their interests and current needs?

I think I have a few ideas for you across various budgets! Most of them would work for a birthday or boss’s day or any other reason for giving a gift as well.

I do not make any money off these suggestions.

Photo credit to Viktor Hanacek of PicJumbo (Premium Photo)

Lovely Planners 2020 Planner

Every creative entrepreneur needs a dedicated space to plan their day and projects. What if that space was together in one location? It is with Lovely Planners 2020 Planner. She has thought of everything we creatives need in one space!

Photo provided by Lovely Abbott

This 2020 planner from Lovely Abbott is for creative women entrepreneurs. It will help them get ahead of their week by setting reminders, establishing priorities, and making plans for their business. If your loved one, colleague, or friend enjoys feminine-looking products, this is going to boost her planning mood and encourage her to plan well and plan often!

Order the planner on Lulu or Amazon.

Journals / Notebooks

You cannot have enough journals when you are a writer or creative entrepreneur. We use them all the time! Ideas, stories, notes. Purchase them throughout the year to have on hand for those “just because” moments.

For journaling, I love ones that have lined pages and the months and days at the top so I can circle the correct month and day then start writing. My second favorite type is a standard college ruled composition notebooks. You can find both styles at any big box retail store or book store. (I buy mine at Target in bulk during the back-to-school sales each year.)

For jotting ideas and notes for calls, I use specialty journals. Here are links to some of the ones I have liked the most (since I don’t have permission to use their photos):

Profit by Design Class with Simply Be Design

Modern iMac Pro Mockup Vol.2 by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Have a creative entrepreneur in you’re life that you’re not afraid to spend a little bit on? This class would be an investment into your partner’s future and will show that that you truly care about their success in their business. Taught by Diana Mundkowsky of Simply Bee Design, this class is necessary for every creative entrepreneur looking to advance in their digital design skills. Diana’s skills are phenomenal and her service is exceptional. She provides so much more value than she asks for in cash and that is what makes her truly the best graphic designer to learn from!

Learn more about the course here.

Pens, Pencils, or Sharpies!

Image by Alicia Powell of Pixistock

I got a little excited about this one! I love Sharpies, pens, and pencils. As a writer and creative entrepreneur, I don’t believe anyone doing similar work can have enough of them! We use them when we facilitate classes, when we write thoughts, when we write stories and scripts. Like notebooks, we can never have enough. I recommend pens like Ink Joy, fine and medium point Sharpies, Micron, and Bic Crystal.

Ashley Deluca Webinar & Services

Photo from Ashley’s Website

Maybe the creative you’re buying for isn’t someone you’d invest a lot of money in, but you want to invest in them by leading them to resources they can invest in. (This may sound silly but many entrepreneurs struggle to take time to learn where to best invest their resources to grow their business.) In that case, lead them to Ashley Deluca’s webinar so they can learn how to use email to convert leads into buyers. Ashley offers great advice and affordable services that are worth much more than she charges.

Have your friend sign up for the webinar here and provide her with a notebook and pen to take some notes.

Subscription to a Styled Stock Photo Service

I can’t express enough how much I love Pixistock and PicJumbo, who I use for my styled stock photography needs. Most of the images you see on the blog come from them. I subscribe to both services so I have a variety of photos to choose from.

Alicia Powell of Pixistock offers services and products beyond your typical styled stock photo provider, including IG quote graphics and access to templates with the annual membership. She also has a great calendar that will take away your social media challenges! Almost all the pics on this website come from her. (I use a combo for the blog part but for the main blog, the pics usually came from Alicia.)

Example of Pixistock photo.

Vicktor Hanacek of PicJumbo provides more than 50 unique photos that have a look about them that makes you excited to share his work. I love him as a writer because his pictures often serve as writing prompts for me or can go with a story I’ve written. I use him for most of my IG pics.

Example of PicJumbo photo.

In addition, I have a subscription to Canva, which provides photos as part of their subscription as well. Between the three, I am able to share my thoughts creatively despite not being a graphic designer or photographer.

If you have some who sells essential oils, Well Styled Essentials provides an abundance of information along with the photos. Alex provides social media prompts, essential oil graphics, and a themed package each month. She is well worth the investment for those who share essential oils with the world and want to do it professionally despite not being photographers.

Writing Prompt Books: 3 AM Epiphany or 4 AM Breakthrough by Brian Kiteley

This set of books is a great collection of writing prompts for writers who want to expand their creative writing abilities. I wrote a series of posts as responses to these years ago and am considering starting back up because they helped me vary my style and think of new ways to communicate things.

You can buy the books on Amazon here and here, respectively.

Photo credit to Viktor Hanacek of PicJumbo (Premium photo)

I hope these ideas help you come up with the perfect gift for your loved one, friend, or colleague. I can’t believe we are so close to Christmas already! Let’s make the best of the time left in this year and help set those we care about up for creative success!

BONUS: Added Ideas Thanks to Comments in the Comments Section

If you’d like to give something more personal that comes from the heart, check out these ideas over on my creative lifestyle community blog. They are DIY ideas that come from the heart and are fun to make! With a good cup of coffee and a great amount of energy, you could still make them in time for the holidays!

If you’d like to give a novelty gift, Writer’s Unplugged shared this post with some unique suggestions!

10 Comments on “7 Gift Ideas for Writers & Creative Entrepreneurs

    • These were all designed to be gifts that show you support someone’s passions in the writing and creative entrepreneur space, so I stayed away from novelty gifts. Those you can find on other blogs who have done a great job assembling them. Here I wanted to focus on support services and planning that can help writers.

      If you have some thoughts on other gifts, that aren’t novelty gifts, please share becuase that is how we all learn. I could have added coaching services, which would be too expensive for most people to purchase for friends or loved ones; seminars and workshops for writers to build upon their skills, which again would be too much; or books and such they would enjoy to read but that wasn’t the point of this blog. I have another one that shares some ideas for inexpensive gifts and gifts for writers from last year and on my creative community (The Essential Creative) that focus on those aspects.

      I’d love to hear your suggestions to broaded this so we can all have some other ideas. I was stuck on coming up with 7 that are good, non-novelty, and not super expensive.


      • Inspiration will come to you again. Definitely not a bad way to start, Shell.

        In terms of coaching services, maybe you could find one that offeres a free demo session to begin with and if the participant enjoys their experience they could choose to sign up for the paid sessions.

        Hope this helps.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That makes sense. That is what I offered with Ashley for email marketing coaching, but thinking of a free service or consultation with a life or success coach would have been a great addition. Maybe I will do one for the new year that is for entrepreneurs so they can look through them, as I know gifting coaching services is hard. I also have some editors and copywriters I’d like to highlight. Thanks for adding to your feedback so I understood better your context. I appreciate it! Great suggestion that has me thinking about that January post already!


  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas Shell.
    It may just be my eyes but did you forget to include the links for the speciality journals?
    And thanks also for the suggestions for stock photos. I do like the example picture shared from PicJumbo, so will check them out at some stage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! I love his photography completely. He is sooo good. He offers a free package as well where you can go to the site. And yes, I totally forgot to get the names for those journals. Let me grab them now and add them in! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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