Stories and Audiences…

There are so many stories that make up our lives. Each one has an audience that it will resonate with best. When we’re writing books, we decide which story to tell and which audience we desire to speak to. We don’t try to speak to everyone at once.

In “When I Stopped Remembering Tomorrow”, I share the story of how falling into love led to me meeting myself and falling in love with the woman I am and who I am becoming. That led to me finally truly meeting God, despite believing in Him for decades and serving within the church for years before then.

This story that I share in the intro is important to the book because with all I experienced in my life, falling in love again never felt like an option for me, and loving myself felt even further out of reach. As we take a journey together through poetry I’ve written throughout my life, you see how hard it must have been to allow myself that permission. Falling in love gave me the courage to forgive myself for things I’d done and allowed to be done to me in my life. It helped me truly forgive others and allow space for healing.

The message in the book to domestic violence victims and survivors is this: Fall in love with yourself. Learn how to love yourself more so you won’t accept less than the best kind of love. Love that doesn’t come with conditions or abuse. Love that is given graciously and without manipulation and control. Love that flows from Christ through the person loving you.

To fully accept and embrace His love, through Him or anyone else, we must first love ourselves the way God loves us. Then we can love others.

My story didn’t end up with me being with the guy. In the book, it ends with me not knowing if we’d speak again after a five-year friendship that revitalized my life. And I was okay with that. My story wasn’t one with a great ribbon and bow pulling in together but was one that domestic violence victims needed to hear. It isn’t the only story told and that’s not only audience, but it was my main one.

What story is within you that someone else needs to hear so they can free themselves from thinking they are the only person it’s happened to?

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  1. Congratulations Shell Vera!
    I think you are truly brave to share your story of domestic violence and hope your story will touch the lives of others who have suffered abuse.

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  2. Shell, I am unbelievably proud of you for writing this blog post and your book. I have shared both and genuinely pray that everyone who needs to see this – does! You’ve been gifted with a voice of hope, encouragement and pure love to see the lost and hurting – whole and healed. I am eternally grateful to God for you and your real-deal ministry.

    Hands down one of my favorite lines in this is: “Fall in love with yourself. Learn how to love yourself more so you won’t accept less than the best kind of love.” That will nearly bring tears to the eyes of any abuse victim, of which I am one. You are 100% correct. Loving ourselves is easily one of the hardest things to do when we’ve bought into the lies of not being worthy of anything good or pure. Yet, as you said, it truly is the requirement to receive love from Father God (in the way He intended), as well as from others and ourselves. Without right relationship within ourselves, it’s nearly impossible to find our place of wholeness. (The story behind Wholeness Haven is a post I have been intending to write …. )

    Your story touches me deeply. I am so thankful you allowed Holy Spirit to work in you & through you. What a gem you are! You are inspiring myself and others, every single day, to share their own truth. Your legacy is great my friend.

    All my love to you Shell. 💕 Holly

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    • Holly, I encourage you to share the story behind Wholeness Haven when you’re ready. If you need to talk through how to do it responsibly, shoot me a message and we will connect next week. I have some openings and would be happy to donate an hour of my time to share guidance on how you can do so without bringing up old wounds you aren’t ready to address.

      I have a poem within the book that is one of my favorite poems ever… I’ve been asked to record it with my voice so people can hear it with the passion with which I wrote it… this week, for you, I am going to make that a reality. I will record it because I believe you will find it especially helpful to hear the story of how I met God for the 100th time, yet for the first time…and how I finally developed the courage to TRULY tell my story responsibly.

      Thank you for being one of my biggest fans. I look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you into the growing group of friends who I met thanks to the writing God has blessed me to share.

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      • Shell, you are unbelievably kind and I am grateful for your willingness to chat with me about how to share the painful stories. When things are a bit less hectic around here, we just might need to set that up! Thank you so much for offering!

        I would LOVE to hear that poem you speak of. It sounds like a powerful encounter – one that will touch every life that hears/reads it. That’s the beauty of poetry and the rawness of sharing our hearts. We have more of an impact than we could ever begin to realize this side of Heaven, you know? YOU are a blessing!

        I’m sending you lots of love and many healing hugs. Thanks again for such incredibly thoughtful replies! ♥

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