Journal Prompts

For those who would like to do some writing this weekend, here are some journal prompts you can use. I find journaling to be really relaxing and to help me when journaling through my story and figuring out what to write next. It works for fiction and non-fiction, as you can journal as though you were your characters to help understand what they are thinking.

6 Comments on “Journal Prompts

  1. These are absolutely brilliant prompts, Shell! I think my favorite would have to be: “When is the last time you felt truly free to be you? Write about why you don’t think you can be right now” WOW. That is absolutely powerful. I’m betting loads of creative solutions and deep emotions come out of writing that one. Thank you my friend. I’ll be trying this!

    I love the use of photographs too for inciting creative thinking/feeling. It’s amazing how our brains (including our emotional brain) can pull up old, old, triggers through a sight or smell. I find the Psychology behind these reactions to be particularly intriguing. Don’t you? PTSD (as well as C-PTSD) affect us in so many more ways than we could ever imagine….and often at very unexpected moments.

    As always, I LOVE visiting your blogs and reading your words. I never leave uninspired or empty handed. Shared this on social media and hope many will come to enjoy too! How are you doing, by the way? It has been extra busy over here as we prepare the plant nursery for the Spring. I’ve been out of touch and have greatly missed reading my favorite blogs, which definitely includes yours!

    Sending you all my love, dearest Shell. You’re the best. Keep doing what you do. I’m a big big fan of yours! ♥

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    • Thank you Holly. Reading your comments always brings such a happiness to my day. Thank you for taking time to read and share such thoughtful comments.

      Yes, psychology is a passion of mine. It what I originally was going to school for and then I switched it up at God’s leading to earn my MBA in Leadership. I have never put it down completely – just focused more on the business side so I could coach rather than practice as a licensed psychologist. Now I partner with therapists so if things comes up, they can work with people to help them through it. The mind is fascinating and the intersection of faith and psychology is my passion!

      I am doing really well. I love that I can focus on my family and writing during this time. It’s been really nice not having so many outside distractions.

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      • I love what you said about the intersection of faith and psychology. It’s true! I believe it was how the Creator intended it, don’t you?

        You are a natural-born leader with your God-given insights and wisdom. I’m glad to have discovered you, Shell!

        I know exactly what you mean about having less distractions from the outside world at this time. I have found that to be true as well. My schedule has changed as far as online time, since we are so busy outside. Yet it has been a really nice and welcomed change. It does my heart good to hear your experience has been much the same!

        Love to you dearest Shell! 🌺

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