Journal Prompts – Week One

Every Sunday in 2022, I am going to share journal prompts for those who enjoy journaling. There will be creative writing prompts as well as personal journaling prompts to allow you to think through some things, plan things, etc.

Journaling is my lifeline and I look forward to doing some more creative writing this year based upon the prompts. I hope they inspire you to do the same. Feel free to tag me or backlink so I can see what you come up with if you do the creative writing prompts!

There are no rules for what you do. Write on paper, blog, write a song, or create art as you see fit. How you respond is totally up to you. For those who would like to share your response, post it in a sharable link and send it in the comments or by tagging me on social media. I’m honored for any of you, even the ones I’ll never know about, to participate. Many of these prompts will come from journaling entries or stories I written that will never see daylight. The joy of writing out the thought caused me to want to share the prompt with you. Others are thoughts that come as I go through my days and would like to explore sometime.

Woman writing

Creative Prompts:

  • What’s on the other side of the door?
  • A man is walking by himself along the road midday. What is he thinking about?

Personal Reflection / Growth Prompts

  • We’re having lunch at the end of the month. What are we going to talk about? Write out the conversation.
  • It’s January 31st. It’s been a great month! What’s happened this month? Tell me about it.

If you’re on Pinterest, feel free to Pin this post to share with your followers or to come back to later. I value your support.

Pictures of people journaling.

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20 Comments on “Journal Prompts – Week One

  1. Shell~ I reblogged this. As I wrote in the reblog, I don’t normally do journal prompts but I found myself starting to answer each one as quickly as I read it. I am going to do the personal ones in my journal today. I may have to do one today and one tomorrow because I think the writing will be substantial for both.
    Thank you!!

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    • This makes my heart leap. Thank you for sharing this. My hope is the topics will be good to explore while also giving a chance to have fun with the creative ones.

      I am doing each one as well over here. I’m looking forward to writing the creative stories. I usually set a timer and just flow. Then I see what I came up with.

      Have a wonderful week!!


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  3. Hi Shell, I’m brand new here so, apologies if I sound like an idiot! I discovered you through Kate’s blog–and I’m pretty excited about what you’ve got goin’ on here (thus, I immediately Followed)! I’ve been blogging since 2011–but my latest blog is just getting started. No obligation to visit, understand–just jabbering in your comment box πŸ™‚ So I will definitely link to your prompts, if I write something half-brilliant, hah! Blessings to you in this New Year!

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  5. Hey there, Shell! Just letting you know that I DID put your prophetic word in a widget on my Home page–Right hand side, following a couple Bible verses I love. Check it out when you have time, and if you have suggestions let me know πŸ™‚ Blessings to you! I’m going to have to spend a day over here at your blog–as you have a LOT going on, all of it inspiring, exciting! Quick question: are you a professional Life Coach, as in paid money by clients? Blessings! ❀

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    • Hi Zelda! You’re so sweet. I have made a note on my calendar to spend some time on your blog reading your poetry. I’ve seen the notifications.

      Yes there’s a lot between here and! I am thankful to the Lord for the energy He gives me.

      I am a Voice Discovery Coach, as in paid money to help people use their voice to connect with their audience and know where they are called to serve. For some it’s books and blogs, for others it’s speaking and running businesses. I enjoy it. I also work for a nonprofit association as a marketer and membership manager, a position I accepted a couple years ago when the Lord dropped it across my desk! So I love helping people connect with others through word.

      If you’d like to have virtual coffee to get to know one another let me know and I’d be happy to. I enjoy getting to know others. You can use my connect page and we’ll make arrangements.

      Have a great day!!

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