What She Became…

This was a poem written in response to a prompt on Pen & Pendulum’s IG page. Prompts are a great way to improve your writing skills. I have never responded to a writing prompt online but recently became involved with some writers who are inspiring me to hone my craft.

What she once was held her back,
causing her chest to hurt…
Delinquent too unruly to tame.
Child lost within the the system.
Rape victim too promiscuous to know the difference.
Teen mom who threw her future away.
No more West Point.
No law and definitely no order.
No point in having dreams and goals.
“A life destroyed”, they said.
What no one saw coming was her ability to rise out of the ashes their labels left behind when burned.
No one, including her, expected that she’d defy the odds after picking up a few more labels and heartbreaks.
Domestic violence survivor.
MBA Graduate
Foster mom.
Business owners with promise and purpose.
World changer who speaks truth to those who feel broken,
because she knows the power of words so she chooses to use hers to uplift and build.
She rose like a phoenix from the ashes her old life left behind,
finally embracing a life free from labels and shame.
For what she became wasn’t written on her childhood walls.
Her scars didn’t foretell the depth of her healing.
Her wounds didn’t give any clues to her future success.
She became what she once thought impossible,
what she once thought untrue.

If you enjoyed this poem, you may enjoy walking with me through poems I wrote between the ages of 8 and 42 in When I Stopped Remembering Tomorrow. A journey with me through my life as told through my poetry and reflections on the poem, this book shares with you how I stopped building shrines to yesterday and scripting my tomorrows. Through the 29th, I’ve lowered the Kindle price for those who are enjoying additional reading during this time. I’ve also lowered the paperback price through May.

Here’s what others have said so far:

“I came across Shell by chance and it’s too coincidental to believe that our paths crossed by accident. Her book is raw and honest in a way that will grab your attention and excite you to want to get to the second half of the book in which she explains her poems. This is a story of courage, hope, and healing. It explains our own resilience can bring us to a turning point in which past trauma is no longer seen as horrific but instead as something that can serve as a purpose to inspire and help others. If you are struggling yourself, like poetry, like stories of strength….this book is for you!” – Amanda Baker

“Authentic and real. Love the wisdom, the way she looks back, shows you how to learn, resolve, move on, and reinvent.” – C.K. Zuelsdorf

2 Comments on “What She Became…

  1. WOW! And oh how grateful I am that you are blessing us with the woman you are. You are indeed a world changer. I’ve shared this in hopes others will come and enjoy your words, realizing too that they are not alone in their pain.

    I am so sorry Shell for all you’ve been through. You didn’t deserve one bit of it. Yet I am eternally grateful that Father God has given you this incredible voice and has enabled you to help others find theirs. Love you, Shell! ♥

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    • Thank you Holly. I did deserve much of it. I wasn’t the best human. I am who I am today because of what I learned though, so I am thankful for that. Thanks for your continued support Holly. I value you!

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