You Are Exactly Who You Need to Be

I hear so many people talk about all they need to do to become the person they want to be. I’ve been there too! Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps you are EXACTLY who you need to be so you’re positioned for the opportunities that help you become all you’re becoming?

Two years ago, I deeply desired marriage and having a family again. If I had been given the man of my dreams at that time, we’d be divorced by now because I still had a victim mindset and was distrusting and insecure. I didn’t believe anyone could love me or that I had value for anyone. I was only good at work and even that wasn’t going well because I wasn’t fully living out my purpose.

However, who I was then positioned me for the opportunities and investments I needed to step into and make so I could become the strong, resilient, bold, bright, confident woman I am today. I wouldn’t be here and able to speak with any authority if I hadn’t been who I was then. I would not be who I am today without having been that woman at that moment.

Let’s stop wishing away who we are and fully embrace that person. Let’s absorb each moment as we learn, grow, and become! After all, you can’t become without first being! A seed is a seed before it becomes a flower. It takes the planting, dirt, water, and time for it to become the beautiful flowers, delicious fruits and veggies, or protecting trees and forest we know them to be when they become.

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2 Comments on “You Are Exactly Who You Need to Be

  1. Wow Shell. I love this post. My mind is really chewing on what you’ve said. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Everything about us is for a reason. Our story brings with it pain, lessons learned (both easily and the hard way), unique stories and traits. Without the entire puzzle, we can’t be all of who we were created to be. Amazing to stop and think about really!

    It’s so easy to see only the flaws in ourselves. It’s so easy to assume that we are a broken, mixed up mess! Thinking that we must have it all figured out by noon today is a destructive lie we need to overcome. I’m certainly guilty myself! “You are exactly who you need to be.” Powerful truth my friend, powerful!

    I love that you shared a little of your backstory too. Though I am sorry you endured such pain – I am eternally grateful that the Lord raised you up for such a time as this. Your voice is much needed in a whole world of hurt. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and so many others! 🤗

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    • Thank you Holly. You are truly one of the most special voices. I value you. Thank you for your encouragement and stopping by, always reminding me that sharing my story is needed and helpful to others. Bless you!

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