Interruptions…How Do You Deal With Them?

Have you been dealing with life’s interruptions? We all have been struggling in various ways, even if we’ve been super productive while dealing with this current situation. Tonight, to launch their book Interruptions, Cornieta and Brandon Whitfield, Pastors of The River Church in Danbury, CT asked their friends, including me, to talk about how we have dealt with life’s interruptions. Join us by watching below while the video is still available.

I personally watched as Pastor Brandon and Cornieta went through this. At the time, I didn’t know them well. I would later get to know and love them deeply as they built their church. They serve with dignity and share their story with grace. It’s a beautiful thing when you can heal while leading and ensure you aren’t damaging others. In their deepest pain, they built a church that is strong and in which powerful bonds and collaborations are being formed. Their story is one that inspires. As you saw on this launch, they have published and launched a book yet gave others a platform to share their stories. This is humility and I love to honor such people.

When faith meets a “no”, creativity is birthed.

~Brian Bullock

If you would like to read the book, please see below to order:

You can order Brian Bullock’s book here. I ordered mine tonight and look forward to reading it. I’ve heard him speak many times and have been super blessed by his preaching.

Purchase both books and be completely blessed and inspired by how to navigate this life and live fully. You aren’t alone. Others have been where you are!

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