Kokoro Inc.: Marketing in Less Time While Being Authentic and Creative

Back in March, I had a chanced to sit with Cindy Zuelsdorf, founder of Kokoro Inc to discuss marketing with authenticity and creativity. The chat was filled with some great tips and wonderful takeaways that you can apply today if you are struggling with your marketing content. The best part of Cindy’s philosophy in her marketing genius is that she shows folks how to market in less time with less effort yet reap bountiful results.

Cindy has been marketing since the days of packing up your own equipment and brochures, unpacking them, repacking them, and keeping up that cycle from show to show, day to day. Those early years helped her as she grew into the digital marketing guru (and I don’t use that word lightly) that she is today. Cindy has a marketing sense that comes naturally and has much success helping others achieve the results they want to see.

What I love most about her story is that she went from full time employment she liked to being her own business owner. She did that while her husband was ALSO an entrepreneur. She kept going with what felt right and knowing she HAD to make it work. Her dedication to getting up each day and doing what she needed to do that day led to Kokoro Inc.

We had this conversation in the beginning of the pandemic, so we talked about shifting from the live event world to the webinar world. If you’ve been struggling over the past six months, you’ll want to listen carefully at that point in the webinar to hear several minutes of what makes a great webinar. One of the tips she shares is about checking your inbox and thinking about the questions you answer most often. That’s what you can do the webinar on! Show up, be you, and do what you do best.

Cindy published a book recently that takes this discussion and it’s nuggets to ANOTHER LEVEL! In her book, she shares 7 marketing basics that can save you time and effort (you’ll hear her mention some of them in our conversation). I’ve started applying some and have already had results in just a few weeks. Specifically, I called some people personally about an upcoming webinar we’re doing that the nonprofit I work with part time. I thought would be really helpful for them and quadrupled the registration within 48 hours! That’s right, I went from 8 people to 33 registered in just 2 days. It took exactly 2 hours of my time to email and call folks personally to invite them and the reward is that my presenter has a great group of people ready for a webinar tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what else I can do by applying her tips.

Here’s the book if you’re interested in reading it. It’s free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers and a very inexpensive $17.95 for paperback, which is sturdy and ready for highlighting and sticky notes! Please leave a review for Cindy if you take the time to read the book. And reach out to let her know about results!

Be sure to listen to the chat and see what you take away. We share a LOT of resources and real talk, plus several marketing nuggets for you. Then get over to her blog and watch this video to hear what they learned by hosting live events and webinars this year.

What struggles are you having with marketing?

Feel free to leave a note and I will share some other resources with you or find some if I don’t have any on hand. I work part time in Marketing and keep my hands in it with clients by coaching them on how to get results, which is why Cindy and I get so excited when we talk. There’s nothing like talking with others who speak your career love language right down to loving psychology, marketing, and reading!

Cindy is a marketer who has years of experience in the high-tech space helping small businesses connect with their clients intimately engage with their audience. She in an authorized Infusionsoft provider who teachers clients how use marketing automation for their benefit and to ease the pain of running their businesses and connecting with their clients. You can learn more about Cindy and her team at http://www.kokoroinc.com. They are also on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/KokoroMarketing/. You can take the 7 Basics course is available at https://kokoroinc.com/course-7marketingbasics/.

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