Poetry: Willpower

While working on some prompts from the IG poetry community, I thought it would be fun to pull out some old poetry that has been sitting on my hard drive. This one is from 2007. More than a decade later and it’s appropriate I found it now as I’ve been struggling to stick with my positive eating habits.


All it took was commitment

The ability to stick with a decision

The strength to follow through

But instead I failed

I gave in

I ate the chocolate chip cookie

All it took was faithfulness

The ability to pick up the book

The strength to read for an hour

But instead I failed

I gave in

I logged onto my computer

All it took was dedication

The ability to get on the machine

The strength to endure for 30 minutes

But instead I failed

I gave in

I took a nap

All it took was devotion

The ability to get upon the cross

The strength to endure the worst torture

He succeeded

He didn’t give in

He conquered death and gave me life.

All it takes is steadfastness

The ability to follow His Word

The strength to listen to Him

I will succeed

I will not give in

I will follow His will.

©2007 Shell Vera

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