Living Your Life Intentionally

Back in August and September, Beth Perry and I sat down to talk about the importance of continuously evolving. I was finally able to piece the videos together to share with you last night and was so inspired by our conversation. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Shell Vera, a Voice Discovery Coach and writer, sat down with Beth Perry, a Human Potential Expert and Business Strategist, to talk about the importance of continuously evolving. The ladies had quite the discussion – so good that a storm interrupted their discussion right as the golden nuggets were starting to drop. If you’ve ever had a conversation with one of these ladies, you will LOVE this chat where they lay it all out on the table and cover questions and discussion points it’s possible many have been struggling with during 2020.

Beth’s passion is people and places; happier lives is her mission. She lives to empower others and herself to live happier lives. She helps others understand themselves in a unique way so they can appreciate their differences and nuances. Hear a bit about her journey starting at 2:22. This part of the conversation will bring much freedom to individuals who haven’t lived a linear path or the standard American path of graduating, getting a job, staying in that job until retirement or at least for 10-20 years.

Starting at 6:30, the ladies discuss giving yourself permission to change. You DO NOT have to remain stuck when you are ready to evolve. You don’t have to believe the lies that you’ve been told that your journey must progress like others. You are allowed to start, stop, pause, restart, progress, begin all over, etc. Allow yourself to redefine what things mean. At The Essential Creative, we often hear people say they aren’t creative but the truth is we all create in some way.

At 8:36 Beth explains how working in your zone of genius (where you are strongest in creating) can look to others. Bethany shares some tips about overcoming fear and taking baby steps to make small shifts that will help you progress toward your goals. Give yourself permission to be a little more proud of yourself, a little more open to thinking about what you could do, a little more courageous.

At 17:43 the ladies discuss the idea of “both…and”. This important concept changed Shell’s life when Beth taught her this idea nearly a decade ago. This idea encompasses being able to be two things that don’t seem to go together, or two actions that don’t see to line up. It’s absolutely okay to be a great mother AND a great businesswoman. You can enjoy your alone time AND have friends. You can have money AND love. It changes your thoughts and the way you show up when you realize you don’t have to choose between things you want.

Around the 24:30 point, the video makes a transition a few weeks ahead due to a storm taking out the power for the first interview (everyone was okay, only trees were harmed during the nasty tropical storm that ran through the area unexpectedly). The ladies don’t miss a beat as they jump into a discussion around the statistics of how many times we hear “No” in our lifetime and a personal choice Beth has made with parenting that will empower all of us to retrain the way we speak to ourselves (and our children if we choose). Does everything have to be a yes or no, or are we holding ourselves back due to limiting-beliefs? Listen in to hear more.

Around 35:00 Beth shares with us how important it is to ask ourselves important questions about how we talk to ourselves and the energy from which it comes. She encourages us to think about the conditions we put upon ourselves and whether they are always necessary. Being a better parent begins with challenging ourselves to evolve.

The ladies then move into a discussion around impact on the world and how our impact isn’t always about being this grand personality in the world or having a highly visible. You may only interact with one or two people and will still have an impact on millions of people due to the impact they will have on others. We all make a difference in the world and on others in some capacity. Allow yourself to expand your thinking and let your light shine by showing up as your best self in each situation, whatever that looks like for this moment. People who loves numbers will enjoy this segment as the ladies dive into numbers.

This discussion travels a path into possibilities, thinking of how we address our fears, and how to talk with people tuned into WII.FM. Around 47:00 minutes you will understand what that means! As the ladies discuss replacing “can’t” with “won’t” and understanding how this small change has such a HUGE impact on how you proceed. There is so much gold in this section you may want to have your pen and paper ready.

We hope you will enjoy this conversation and listen all the way through. There is sooooo much in the whole conversation AND especially in the end.

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Watch these fireside chats as well.

7 Comments on “Living Your Life Intentionally

  1. Sounds an interesting chat Shell. Thanks for your thorough summary of points discussed and for placing links to the pertinent areas. I’ve not listened yet, as I’d like to hear the whole thing and hope to be able to make time in the not too distant future.
    Loved your book BTW and read it recently in one sitting despite having toothache!

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    • Thank you so much, Carol! And what a compliment on the book. Wow! I have heard from many that they were able to feel like it was a conversation with me, which was my hope when I wrote it. This chat was so fun to listen to again last weekend. I enjoyed seeing how much fun we have talking with one another!

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  2. Shell! I absolutely LOVED this chat between you two ladies. Both of you are beautiful, inside and out. This conversation was so packed full of goodies that I intend to listen again. I feel like it’s one of those discussions where each time we listen, something new catches our attention based on what we need at that given moment. 🙂 Good, good stuff! Thank you for sharing this.

    You know, it’s funny y’all talked about the “and.” (Love that concept, by the way! and the wooden “&” you gave her — it’s perfect) This is a critical message we all need to hear, I believe. In my humble opinion, especially us Christians! One of my struggles is feeling like if I don’t mention the name of Jesus in everything I’m involved in, it can’t be “God’s will.” (I grew up in deep religious thinking) My hope is that because of Christ in me – no matter what type of business I’m involved in (so long as it aligns with my values), shouldn’t His light shine, even if it’s not your typical ministry? This concept of “and” speaks to that. We can be Christians *and* businesswomen. For me, that guilt of feeling like everything I do *should* be a ministry is tough. It takes a lot of fervent prayer.

    I also adore the discussion of giving ourselves permission to change. What you said about not feeling like a failure if we start, stop, pause, redirect (etc) is brilliant. Few things bring misery like being stuck where you shouldn’t be. There’s such a lack of peace, joy, fulfillment, or anything good and redeeming really. It feels dead because IT IS. Sometimes, though it’s hard to let go of dead stuff because it’s familiar, we must realize that the best is yet to come. Having one foot in the past while trying to reach for the future will only serve to break us — literally and figuratively. As both of you ladies said, it does take courage to move past the fear and familiar to realize it’s not that we can’t – it’s that we are choosing not to. Figuring out what that “won’t” is can be a true life-changer.

    There’s just so much here to comment on. I’ll be chewing on this one for a while. 😉 You know me Shell, I love learning something new and seeing shifts in mindsets.

    Sending my love to you, sweet friend. You’re amazing. Thank you for all you do to encourage, inspire, bring breakthrough, and shifts in thinking for all of us. You are loved and appreciated! 🤗

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    • Holly, If I ever write a post on how to truly engage and develop relationships as a blogger, I would use your comments as an example. I love your natural gift of communication and encouragement. You’re truly a treasure!

      This was one of the most powerful discussions to date. We dove into some fun and deep areas, and then walked back out in a way you can follow up. That is what I value so much about working with Beth. It’s never dull and it’s always honest and applicable.

      The “and” concept has changed my life and is a lesson I share now because it impacted me so much. Beth teaches these nuggets that stay with you and they go deep and change you if you allow them too. Like you, the Christian within me struggled with and because we are taught not to walk the middle. But once I understand if I am going all in on my ands, I’m staying clear of the middle. I’m just giving myself permission to be more than one thing. It’s sad how we believe God is Father, Son, and Spirit yet require ourselves to be one dimensional, isn’t it?

      I look forward to talking soon! You’re truly a blessing! Have a great day!

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  3. I echo those same words back to you, truly. That’s what [true] friends are for, right? To help us see in ourselves what our blind spots prevent us from recognizing.

    I too look forward to catching up soon. Praying for you, Shell, and believing that the rest of your week is going to be supernaturally amazing! ♥️

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