Poetry: 3:33

A poem I wrote while unable to sleep. Gotta love when your mind begins overthinking something you thought you were well over!

Twilight yet I can’t sleep.

My mind goes back…

I want to go back…

Can we go back?

To that palce three years ago…

To that space two years ago…

To that moment a year ago?

I go back but I can’t figure out where to stand.

On which side of this story do I sit?

Through which door do I want to walk?

Do I want to go back to the second before it all changed…

Before it all disappeared…

Before it washed away with my tears?

Or do I want to go to the moment after we disconnected,

After I walked away,

Thinking this was going to finally be it?

That you were finally it?

That you were finally him?

But you can never be him

because you look for the same thing I do,

And I’m just not that open minded.

So instead I sit here typing

on my phone when I should be sleeping

Because even three years later

I can’t get my two eyes to agree

That you aren’t the one I dream of.


1/26/21 3:33 am

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3 Comments on “Poetry: 3:33

    • Thank you. I was trying to play with the three, two, one concept and walk, stand, sit idea but messed it up a little. I also used “moment” twice next to each other. I have to work on it more but it challenged me to write… I haven’t written poetry in a while so it was fun to play with. ❤️🤎 Thanks for taking time to read!

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      • You are most welcome dear😊 you didn’t mess it up I guess, actually didn’t quite know the idea behind it, now got it. 🙂 Yeah, it’s always so much fun to try and explore new styles of writing poetry. Keep writing dear💕🤗❤️

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