Fireside Chat with Jeff Harmon of Brilliance Within Coaching & Consulting

More than a decade ago, I met Jeff Harmon through a The Go-Giver group. (If you didn’t already know, The Go-Giver is one of my favorite books ever.) We had a call and my business name changed within a few years. He never knew that until the day we recorded this fireside chat. I am excited for you to hear this chat because Jeff is someone I’ve followed for years and have really enjoyed learning from and watching grow as a business leader and influencer.

There was so much to take away from this chat depending upon where you are in life. We cover a few points, such as:

  • bringing faith and business together so you can share who you are without fear of rejection,
  • relationships in business and the importance of seeing the human behind the transaction, and
  • the importance of a “Just Keep Going” mindset when facing adversity.

Faith and Business

I reached out to Jeff to request this chat because I’d noticed how he was sharing his faith more in his business and loved how he was presenting Biblical teachings in a really easy-to-digest, easy-to-act upon way. As a Christian who combines my faith with my work and doesn’t see a separation of the two as something that is necessary, I really love seeing other leaders not be afraid to work with a wide audience yet share their faith and live it out loud. Especially today where we see religious freedom more as anything that isn’t Christian, this is something that stands out to me because I want to change the narrative of what a Christian looks like. Over the last four years, the term has been tainted to meet something that the Bible doesn’t express, so when I see others who aren’t afraid to wear the label despite the possible rejection that can come, I follow closely and stay tuned.

Jeff talks about the progression of living out his faith and how he chose to bring it into this business more so you can experience him. While he doesn’t limit who he works with and doesn’t hang a banner that says “Christians only” (not many folks you will see around here have that kind of banner), it’s important to share what he knows with others. If you are in a stage in life where you are thinking about incorporating your faith more in your writing, speaking, or other business venture, it’s a great conversation!

Relationships in Business

I love that Jeff brought up that everything we do in business includes relationships. This is so important to remember in business. Jeff pointed out that when you are interacting with others, they are humans too. So whether you choose to support someone with a point and click or in an on-going manner, remember that you are working with another human and experiencing their business and products.

While many relationships today have become very transactional, COVID has given us a chance to step back and slow down. While many of us didn’t stop working, didn’t see hours cut, increased workloads, we’ve also seen that we have more time to do it because we don’t have to travel as much. This has given more time to get to know those who you are working with and ensure you establish some level of relationship with them instead of just getting on the phone to do a transaction.

“Just Keep Going” Mindset for Overcoming Adversity

Jeff uses a wheelchair and speaks openly about why he does so. I asked him about this because I’d seen a blog post where he shared what he had learned about accepting help from others because of using a wheelchair. I’d met Jeff prior to him being within the wheelchair and asked if he’d be willing to share how he handled such a major life change. His response was like a breath of fresh air.

Jeff didn’t see his story as a “phoenix rising from the ashes” type of story. Rather, he just did what needed to be done to move forward. I think we so often look for the big. Hello, I am a writer – I want the dramatic and powerful story so I tend to look for this major life event in EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE. Every one of them. So when Jeff said he didn’t really think about it but just did it, I was blown away.

I’ve come back to this part of the interview a few times and it really spoke to me again today as I listened to put this blog together, three months after our call! (Thank you for the grace, Jeff!) It is such a powerful moment because of its lack of drama and this specific moment of “I will rise!” When Jeff said it was progressive and something he just did because he had to do it, I loved that it was so simple. But I couldn’t put my hand on why it was so inspiring to me.

And then tonight it hit me. He faced this adversity, just kept moving forward doing what he needed to do, and has lived his life to the best of his abilities. He was able to grow his business, do webinars that are influencing many, and continue to share his knowledge with others while empowering them through coaching and consulting. Some of us let challenges and changes stop us. Jeff didn’t do that. He just kept going and made it work.

We can all learn from this.

Listen Today

Take 40 minutes out of your day to listen to the chat and let it inspire you. We’d love to hear what you hear as you listen and what speaks to you.

Here’s the chat between Jeff and Adam Quiney that I mentioned a few times during our talk. This talk from the Conversations Leaders Aren’t Having

Visit Jeff on LinkedIn or at his website for Brilliance Within Coaching.

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