Let’s Beat Procrastination Together This Month: Procrastination to Progress Challenge

Do you struggle with procrastination? If so, the next thirty days are going to change your life! Everyone procrastinates every now and again; it’s human nature to put things off so we can enjoy some quiet time or avoid a big project. Avoidance is a natural way to protect ourselves from stress, pain, fear, and other unwanted emotions and consequences. With the way the world has been for the past nearly 2 years, it’s not surprising you’d want to put stressful projects or large tasks off until the last possible moment.

Unfortunately, procrastination can become a habit and when it does it can affect your health, relationships, income, and faith. Since these are very important parts of your life, it’s a bad idea to let procrastination rule your behaviors, right?  

Image of woman in bed with sleep mask and cup of coffee. Is this you when you should be working on things to make your life better? Join me on this challenge if so!

During the next thirty days, I am challenging myself about how I procrastinate on writing and using all the research that I have a team performing for me as I walk with you through a month-long journey to change our ways and stop procrastinating. Starting today, each post will be filled with valuable information designed to educate, motivate, and give you tools to help you identify why you procrastinate and what you can do about it.

Procrastination is a Habit

All habits serve us somehow…even the bad ones. Bad habits develop when we aren’t fully aware of what’s going on deep in our subconscious minds. When we aren’t sure how to cope, we develop coping skills that get us through. Sometimes those skills aren’t the best for us and can cause us great harm long term. Procrastination is an excellent example.

Since procrastination is at its simplest form a habit, you can break it! This challenge is designed specifically to help us do just that. These posts should help you transition from a procrastination champion to progress royalty in a month.

By the time this month is over, you will:

  • Understand what procrastination is and isn’t
  • Identify the excuses procrastinators use
  • Know common traits procrastinators share
  • Learn about active procrastination
  • Develop a proactive mindset
  • Implement tips and tricks for becoming proactive

I will begin this challenge with education. It’s important for you to better understand what procrastination looks like and whether or not you are flirting with the procrastination habit or have become its spouse. Don’t worry, if you find that you struggle with chronic procrastination, you’ll have the tools you need to break free and be more proactive. (Raising my hand!)

If you would like support and guidance during this month, write out some comments in the comment section or drop me a private message here or on Instagram.

You Can Beat Procrastination

Putting things off may be a typical behavior for you; I struggle with doing so. But don’t worry! Even chronic procrastinators have the ability to change their truth from that of someone who always lives for tomorrow to someone who does what’s needed today and still enjoys life. Moving from procrastination pro to progress pro will take some effort, but you (and I) are capable of putting in the work and beating our bad habits for good!

Image with Galatians 6:9 written on it and leaves falling in the background.

As you go through the next month, here are some tips:

  • Diffuse Stress Away, Clarity, and Envision to help you open up your creative ways and focus on the task at hand: breaking bad habits.
  • Dab a drop of Awaken on your wrist to expand your ability to take the project in and break it up.
  • Keep a journal of your progress and thoughts from each day.
    • What are you struggling with?
    • What are you succeeding at?
    • What could you do differently tomorrow to experience more success than struggle?
  • Don’t overthink each day. Read, digest, and act upon what you read. If you have questions, ask them! If you have comments, share them. Let’s walk with one another and challenge each other so we can feel the success we are working toward with breaking our bad habit of procrastination.
  • Pray, read the Bible and look up scriptures about doing things today, and worship as you work on your goal.
  • Tell a friend! Invite that person to join us on this journey. Let’s build community and break bad habits together this month!

Want to laugh a little? Watch this TED Talk before we begin.

Full credit goes to TED Talks for sharing this and Tim Urban for the speech.

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