The Purpose In My Pain: A 28-Day Devotional Written By Women of Purpose

Dr. Tamika Hall is a multifaceted author, speaker, actor, producer, and publisher, among other things. I came to know about her because of a supplement ad on Instagram about a year ago that caught my eye because it was sassy and fun and about a topic most women won’t discuss. And y’all KNOW I love to talk about things we don’t like to talk about. I started following her and later found out that another passion of hers was publishing anthologies. At that moment, I felt my heart leap because writing with others is something I enjoy because it means I will definitely FINISH the project instead of letting it sit half done on my computer for 22 years.

Back in October, we did the Procrastination to Progress Challenge (do you remember that?) and I made a commitment that this year (2022) was going to be my year of being committed and finishing things. I set an intention to “Stop over-planning and start executing.” As such, I reached out to Dr. Hall to see if I could be part of the “Discovering the Purpose in my Pain” project. She said yes, I secured my spot, and I started praying about the journey ahead. (There’s so much more to this story but that is for another day.)

Starting something knowing I HAD to produce the end result meant I would start the year with a FINISHED PROJECT under my belt! This was so important to setting myself up for success this year. Or at least, I thought that was how simple it was going to be.

Y’all…it was so much more. So much.

Unlike many anthologies where you never meet the others you are writing with during the process, Dr. Hall brought together women from across the world and gave them space each month to get to know one another and walk through the process together. From the moment of the first kickoff call through today, those who have wanted to connect with one another have had plenty of opportunity, space, and encouragement. This book project may have been the end result but the journey to get there (and the sisterhood we would create along the way) was the true project we all engaged in when we secured our spots.

The effects of abandonment are traumatic and life-changing, but God can erase the stain of any hurt or guilt that your heart may be holding onto at this moment. -Annie Mewborn, Abandoned, But Not Forsaken

In our calls, Dr. Hall encouraged each lady to DIG DEEP and share a story that God wanted her to share. She challenged each writer to truly ask God what they had experienced that would witness to others and give them a reason to be, to live, to thrive. She reminded us in each call that this wasn’t about becoming authors or going to best seller (though we would…internationally on four Amazon lists) but about reminding others out there that they aren’t alone.

When I tell you that the ladies came through and shared their stories in a way that ANYONE who reads the book will related to, I am understating it.

Through this project, I met several other women who love God, serve Him daily, and are growing in their faith. I met women who are living their faith out daily, being open about the pain they have experienced, and are stepping out into new areas of ministry in ways that most would shy away from. I have personally witnessed women go from fearful of speaking in public to ROCKING OUT live presentations as if they were born with a camera following them!

Dr. Hall wove together the stories in a devotional that you can buy today to bless your life. Throughout this month, I am going to share a short paragraph or two about each of the ladies, their stories, and how you can connect with the coauthors and Dr. Hall outside of the book. I will also connect with several of the ladies to do Fireside Chats for my creative lifestyle blog, The Essential Creative. I want to ensure you have a chance to get to know as many of these phenomenal women as possible because there is something really special about this group of ladies and how they have shared their hearts and lives with readers.

Here’s the description of the book from Amazon, as written by Dr. Tamika Hall and her team:

The Purpose In My Pain is a devotional anthology comprised of testimony and devotions from 28 women around the world. These beautiful women took three months to examine the depths of their hearts and extract the purpose hidden beneath the pain. As you dive into the pages of this devotional, each chapter gives a glimpse into the restorative powers of our God as each woman shares her testimony, a devotion for the day, and reflective questions.

The Purpose In My Pain Features the following co-authors:

  • Julie Alleyne
  • Alvastine Bethel
  • Heather L. Duma
  • Annette Duncan
  • Mia Foster
  • Samantha Hamilton
  • Desha Henfeld
  • Tee Hubbs
  • Maria Jenkins
  • Diasha Johnson
  • Lywanda Johnson
  • Tonya Johnson
  • Sherone E. Lewis
  • Cassandra L. McCray
  • Annie J. Mewborn
  • Berthienna Ogden
  • Mercy Pinder
  • Vernette Hutchins Roberts
  • Robin Sample
  • Dianne Santos, MBA
  • Shay Divine Sisco
  • Alisa Stilley
  • Nubia Taylor
  • Kristy Ting
  • Shell Vera
  • Brandi Nichole Wallace
  • Dr. Tasha Wilson

You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

When I gave my brokenness to God, He healed the fragments of my heart, removed years of baggage I'd stored there, and replaced it with purpose. Dr. Tamika Hall

As I’ve walked the last few months with Dr. Hall as part of this project, I have seen her for the true woman of God she is. She has blessed me and shown me that it’s okay to have multi-focus in our lives so long as GOD is leading each of them. I encourage you to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Amazon so you can be encouraged.

Read the book. Share the book. Be blessed by the book.

Dr. Hall’s Next Anthology is Accepting Co-Authors

If you are a writer, Dr. Hall has a new anthology she’s accepting writers for that will launch on 3/10 for the writers to come together to learn the details and start working together. Secure your spot with her today if you want to write for I Am Stronger Than The Storm!


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