Be a Positive Role Model

I have some strong motivation for you to break the procrastination habit: The people who love you most and rely on you need your good example. From your kids, to your spouse, to your co-workers, everyone benefits from knowing someone who has it together and can model a healthy proactive lifestyle. Think of how much you’ve looked up to friends and colleagues who have it altogether. That can be you soon!

It is incredibly motivating when you sense your proactive lifestyle is making someone else’s life better as well as showing them the same path. Here’s some ways your changes will make have an affect on them.

You Will Be Able to Share Your Experience

There is something special about hearing someone else’s story and understanding what they walked through to get where they are. You will now be able to share how you broke the procrastination habit and moved into living a proactive life. You will have tangible examples as well as anecdotes that can help others succeed on their journey.

They Will Watch Your Transformation First Hand

The people who have watched you move through your transition have a front row seat, which is a special place to be. They will have seen you move from putting things off time and again to actually doing things and celebrating your success. They will watch as you tick off one goal after another and see your transformation first hand.

A family spending time together.

Your Family Will Reap Benefits

Because you are no longer putting things off, your family will benefit from your lack of stress, your improved focus, and your newfound energy. If you’re the main provider for your family, they can also result from your increased financial stability and healthier relationships. This will result in increased trust and respect with them as you begin keeping your word and showing up for them more.

You May Improve Your Career

Your career will be directly impacted by your change, whether you work for yourself or someone else. Because you aren’t putting things off any longer, you will be able to accomplish more, be less moody towards others, and take on additional work from time to time as you truly have available time. Those around you will be more impressed with your actions, notice your increased confidence and how you’ve begun taking charge of task, and will want to move you into seats of greater authority. Be sure that you watch what you say “yes” to!

You’ll Have Stronger Friendships

Whether it’s the friends you currently have or new ones you make along the way, friendships are better between proactive people. When friends can depend on you and trust that you are committed to them or the activities you plan together you have a greater impact on them. Friendships tend to be deeper, richer, and higher quality.

Two friends laughing together.

The changes you make towards a more proactive lifestyle are important and will influence the people closest to you. It feels good to know that the impact you have on others is positive and represents the best you have to offer. Let this be motivating for you to make change and stick with it. You never know who is watching and whose life you are making a difference in. 

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