Poetry: Waiting for You

Fun fact about me: One of my first career aspirations was to be the first female basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks. To play alongside Dominique, Mookie, Spud, and others. My fallback plan was to be an astronomer.  

Last night after a dinner with a friend during which we talked about relationships, I shared some thoughts with another friend and then used the inspiration she gave me to write some poetry and get my thoughts out. The outcome? I wrote a little poem that brought together my first two career aspirations as I thought about someone I’ve pretty much given up on believing existed: my future husband. 

I shared the draft on Instagram on December 6, 2021. Here is my current version.

Waiting for You

I talk to the moon,  
set my face toward the sun,  
and rest my feet on the stars, 
knowing if I am closer to God,  
you will find me.  
I want to shoot my shot, 
and trust that my ball will head right for the basket, 
but I keep getting fouled by those around me who don’t have the same convictions. 
I’m holding out. 
I’m standing strong. 
I’m waiting for you. 
But my hands are getting tired as I dribble up and down the court, 
trying not to be distracted by other hands in the air, 
being sure to only pass to you, 
the winning shot we were meant to hit together. 
My feet fall from the stars as their light fades. 
I realize I have to put my feet on the ground and be open to love if I’m going expect you see me. 
So I turn my face from the heat,  
look toward the crowd,  
and pray into the heavenly expanse,  
“God, can he see me yet or am I still veiled, 
hidden in plain sight?”  
The clock’s counting down, 
and my energy is high as I realize I’m not ready to give up. 
I realize I’ve been shooting slam dunks when it’s time to go for a three-pointer, knowing that anything that is sent up must come down. 
With that, I offer my prayers and continue to excel on the court of life, 
as the buzzer counts down, 
and you come toward me for the victory celebration. 

~Shell Vera (2021)

Part of the poem overlaying a picture of a woman looking into the moon.

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3 Comments on “Poetry: Waiting for You

  1. Wowza, this is Brilliant, Shell!! If the “right one” isn’t here yet, God’s likely still working out the details–be strong, take courage…waiting’s not a bad thing, I’m learning in my old age 🙂 Blessings to you! ❤

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    • Thank you Zelda! I am sorry for my delay. It has been a busy week so I haven’t been on here much. It’s funny because my heart is completely secure with the waiting, but I still like to write to “him” from time to time. 🙂

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