Encouraged to Finish: Staying Focused on the Race 1st Edition (Kimberly Robinson Green) – Editor

Publish Date: December 14, 2015

You’re standing at the mark of life and your race is about to begin. The flag of life is telling you to kneel before the whistle blows, to get on your mark; but you are uncertain because you have fallen before. You feel like the things you used to do aren’t working any longer and there is no hope. I have news for you: That is a LIE! You were created to be triumphant and to experience joy unspeakable. God has a plan for your life that surpasses anything you could dream. It is time to lace up your shoes and reenter the race. It is time to FINISH! In this short and inspiring book, you will obtain the tools you need to reach the success you desire to see in your life. You will learn how to overcome regret, helplessness, rejection, bitterness, depression, and fear. You will learn that God created you to experience victory and joy. You will gain the strength necessary to persevere and finish your race. What are you waiting for? It’s time to overcome all the junk in your life and start to experience a life filled with God’s purpose. Submit to His plan for your life and you will cross the finish line and take your place on the platform as the gold medal is placed around your neck!

Visit Kimberly at http://kimberlyrobinsongreen.com/.

Purchase the book here:

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