Keys to Becoming a Victorious Woman: Lessons Learned from Women of the Bible (Brenda Fields) – Editor

Publish Date: April 1, 2015

The Word of God provides us with master keys to unlock doors of victory in every area of our life. In Keys to Becoming a Victorious Woman, Fields discusses 26 biblical keys demonstrated by women of the bible that led them to monumental victories that left their mark in bible history. When applied today, these 26 keys will unlock doors to your next level of victory spiritually, professionally and relationally. You can experience this same power as victorious women of the bible by studying each section, adopting the characteristics you will learn about in each lesson, and walking through the doors you will unlock as you progress on your journey toward victory You are called to be a victorious woman – are you ready to become one?

To get a feel for the book, check out this video that dives into the first key!

Purchase the book here:

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