Interruption: Navigating the Detours of Life (Cornieta & Brandon Whitfield) – Voice Discovery Coach

Publish Date: May 1, 2020

This is your chance. You have the power to embrace your God-given opportunity of a second chance to take your life to the next level. Pick up your dreams today and finally live the life you were intended to live—free, whole, and purposeful. How many times have we looked at our circumstances and counted ourselves out of the race? Failing to understand that interruptions come in our life to act as a second chance at living out the best life that God intended for us. What happens if your INTERRUPTION was really an INTERVENTION? Can you imagine how you would handle the changes that are taking place in your life, the challenges to come or even the circumstances that you are in right now if you were given tools to reconstruct your thought process to see that your pain has a purpose? Is it possible that your interruption could be the next book, the next business opportunity, the next talk show, or the next inspirational movement to help someone else navigate through the detours in their life? In Interruption Cornieta and Brandon reveal to you how to embrace unexpected circumstances and use them to create a wave of impact in the lives of others and yourself. Mixing life coach inspiration, past stories and their very own personal, transparent twin miscarriage journey, Interruption gives you insight on how these entrepreneurs maintain a business, started a church and maintain their marriage all while helping others navigate through life’s detours. So, what are you waiting for? You have been called to the table for an intervention!

Learn more about the Whitfields by subscribing to their YouTube channel:

You can watch a fun chat about the book with Cora Jakes Scott here:

Purchase the book here:

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