When I Stopped Remembering Tomorrow: Poetry & Reflections about Being Present (Shell Vera) – Author

Publish Date: February 10, 2020

My hope in writing this book is that you will let it speak to those hurt and shattered places within you that feel beyond repair. My prayer is that you allow it to show you that there are others who have stood where you are and understand what you feel. If you do that, I believe you will find the beginning of your healing, a key to stepping out of your prison, and the first opportunity to truly believe you have a voice others need to hear. Because you do.

By sharing poetry I’ve written throughout my life and reflecting on my journey to become the woman I am today, touching upon sensitive topics and things we don’t often discuss publicly, I prove that even the most broken people can reach a place of wholeness that is indescribable and beautiful. It won’t be easy. It will mean trusting yourself to rise above words spoken over you, forgiving yourself and others, and giving yourself permission to take risks that feel uncomfortable and crazy, but it’s worth it. I’m proof of that.

If you’re ready to stop building shrines to yesterday and writing scripts for tomorrow, join me on my journey to forgetting tomorrow and learning how to love this moment and all it encompasses. That doesn’t mean that you don’t set goals or that you don’t think about the future. It means you allow yourself the freedom to live so fully in this moment that you are open to the possibilities of becoming one you once thought impossible. You won’t regret it when the true you emerges and you start to shine like the treasure you are.

Learn more about who I am and what I do by visiting www.ShellVera.com or subscribing to my creative lifestyle blog community at www.TheEssentialCreative.com.

Purchase the book here:

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