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Wrap Up: Where To Go From Here

Day 30 of a 30-day challenge! Can you believe we made it? How’s it feel? Let’s talk about where we go from here.

How Journaling Empowers You In Living a Proactive Life

Journaling is how I have been making progress throughout my life. I believe it is a great tool for living a proactive life and encouraging you to see your progress.

Use Pictures & Video to Record Your Progress

Capturing your progress on film or video will help you see where you’ve come from AND where you’re still heading.

Be a Positive Role Model

Being a positive role model for your children and those around you can be a great motivator for giving up your procrastination habit in exchange for a proactive lifestyle.

7 Tips for Living A Proactive Life

You made it to week four. Now we are going to look at tips for you to start trying to maintain your proactive lifestyle.

The Role Perfection Plays in Hindering Progress and Promoting Procrastination

The goal is to make progress not to be perfect. When you strive for perfection, you hinder yourself from making progress.

How to Become More Disciplined

Discipline is a powerful tool that we have within us when we take the time to ignite it. Learn the benefits of discipline and five tips for becoming more disciplined.

Get Used to Doing the Hard Things

Distasteful tasks may be unpleasant but you could be making them worse than they have to be. Avoiding tasks because they aren’t your favorite… or they truly are gross or hard, could be depriving you of a level of maturity and normalizing doing hard things.

Know When To Take A Break

Being proactive and making progress in life doesn’t mean you work all the time. It means you plan for your breaks and know how to differentiate between proactively taking a break and procrastinating.

How to Get Used to Being Proactive

It’s not always easy to tolerate a proactive lifestyle. You’ve been procrastinating for so long, it may feel really weird at first to do things ahead of schedule. Here’s some tips for ensuring you don’t trip yourself up.