Desha Henfield – “I Am” from “The Purpose In My Pain: A 28-Day Devotional Written by Women of Purpose”

This month, I am sharing summaries of some of the chapters within The Purpose In My Pain: A 28 Day Devotional Written by Women of Purpose. Today’s highlight is of a chapter written by one of the co-authors, Desha Henfield.

Quote from Desha's story.

“I Am” by Desha Henfield

In six short pages, one of them being 3 questions to reflect upon after reading, Desha Henfield spoke to the innermost parts of my soul and reminded me that forgiving myself is so important. In her chapter, she shares how she realized the importance of words, forgiveness, and sharing your story with others so they can become free as well. She is like my long-lost sister! (Wait until you hear her story in the Fireside Chat we did together on Wednesday evening… it’s mind-blowing how much we have in common.)

Desha overcame resentment by allowing herself to do the work necessary to forgive others, including family members. She shares how the other person may not have yet recognized the pain caused and yet Desha was able to forgive her. She realized that forgiveness is more for you than the other person.

In the Devotion part of her chapter, she shares a scripture with you and then notes how it has reminded her time and time again about the power of words and how everything we say has power within it: power to heal, power to kill. You choose what you will say.

Read Desha’s chapter and reflect upon the people in your life who you have to forgive and then consider whether you truly know who you are. If you don’t, her chapter has some wonderful tips for how to get there!

A woman praying with a quote from Desha overlaying it.

To purchase the paperback from Desha, visit her website today. The book is high quality and the paper feels great on your hands!! Additionally, each chapter ends with questions and room to answer them. It’s meant to be written in, highlighted, and used daily!

Connect with Desha

If you didn’t hear this song in your head at least once while reading this, or if you buy the book and don’t hear it when you read the opening line of Desha’s chapter, I have questions for you! As soon as I read the opening line, I had to spend the next five minutes stopping my mind from running down with this squirrel! To help you get it out of your system, listen to the video and then come back and read this again!

Head on over to to see the fireside chats with the authors highlighted this month over here. The chats give you a glimpse into the bigger stories of their lives. And they are just fun and filled with nuggets for you that will empower you to live free and use your voice as you were designed to use it. The chats will typically be posted about three to four days after these posts.

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3 Comments on “Desha Henfield – “I Am” from “The Purpose In My Pain: A 28-Day Devotional Written by Women of Purpose”

  1. Shell, it is SO GOOD to hear, see, read of women who have found their strength, voice and truth In Jesus Christ–Hallelujah, we are worthy because HE has made us worthy! Have a blessed weekend ❤

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    • Yes, you’ll love this series then! Very strong and powerful women coming up throughout the next two or three months as I share this series. On my other blog, I’ll be sharing the fireside chats we’re recording! They’ll be on YouTube as well. Desha’s is powerful!!

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