Tonya Johnson: “Spiritual Growth is Necessary” from “The Purpose In My Pain: A 28-Day Devotional Written by Women of Purpose”

This month, I am back to sharing summaries of some of the chapters within The Purpose In My Pain: A 28 Day Devotional Written by Women of Purpose. This anthology is a book of devotions we released with Dr. Tamika Hall of Tamika Ink back in February of this year. Today’s highlight is of a chapter written by one of the co-authors, Tonya Johnson.

“Spiritual Growth is Necessary” by Tonya Johnson

Tonya speaks a truth that many are afraid to say in these times: if you are a child of God, spiritual growth is necessary. It is impossible to remain the same as the day you said “Yes” to Him if you truly walk with God. Why? Because His love inspires changes. Serving Him, walking with Him, and loving Him will result in change…even if you don’t realize you are growing. And she speaks this truth because she knows it from experience. When she finally allowed herself to lean into His understanding and not hers, she was able to let go and speak positivity and life over herself to understand how everything we face leads to spiritual growth.

Tonya Johnson quote: Spiritual growth is a consciousness that reveals our reality to us. It opens us up to God's perspectives, ways, thoughts, covenants,
 and promises.

In four pages, Tonya shares how she got tired of not winning and not living the life she desired. She shares how pain and trial are a part of spiritual growth and how you can come to appreciate them as part of your journey. And no, appreciate doesn’t mean like! With a personal story about how she moved from despair to declaration, she shares with you how to pull yourself out of a pit and begin praising God for the life you have, even if you aren’t yet where you want to be.

In her devotion, Tonya gives you practical steps to declaring the truth of your life over yourself so you can stop living in a place of negativity and darkness. She speaks from experience and wants to see you live free like she did!

Tonya Johnson Quote from book.

Read her chapter and then watch her fireside chat with me as we discuss how she overcame herself and became all that God has asked of her…even when it hurt.

Connect with Tonya

To purchase the paperback, visit Tonya’s website today. The book is high quality, and the paper feels great on your hands!! Additionally, each chapter ends with questions and room to answer them. It’s meant to be written in, highlighted, and used daily!

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