Robin M. Sample, MSW – “Broken Crayons Still Color” from “The Purpose In My Pain: A 28-Day Devotional Written by Women of Purpose”

This month, I am sharing summaries of some of the chapters within The Purpose In My Pain: A 28 Day Devotion Written by Women of Purpose. Today’s highlight is of a chapter written by one of the co-authors, Robin M. Sample, MSW.

“Broken Crayons Still Color” by Robin M. Sample, MSW

Sometimes you meet someone who share their story and you almost don’t believe it because it’s like “How are you still living?!” Robin is one of those individuals whose story comes with a trigger warning. She has endured, walked through, crawled through, and maybe sometimes sat in some serious traumas. Ones that will break your heart as you read about them. I know because even though we share this trait, my eyes began leaking as I read her story and thought of this little girl enduring so much pain so young in the ways that she did. It’s heartbreaking.

But isn’t it like God to take that heartbreaking story and allow the person who triumphed over it and came out on the other side victorious to share it with others so they know they aren’t alone?

Quote from Robin: 
When I think back on the word "comfortability" and associate it with my feelings of anger and resentment toward God, I can't help but chuckle as I ponder the very real possibility that He allowed me to become comfortable in what I chose to feel.

Robin let you know as you read this chapter that YOU aren’t alone.

You who are struggling with accepting yourself.

You who are struggling with the pain of rejection from others.

You who are struggling with not feeling loved.

You who have been raped.

You who have been molested.

You who are currently being abused.

You who are harming yourself each night because you don’t want to feel the pain of this world anymore.

She spoke to you in her chapter.

And she let you know that she’s been on her knees, pulling herself through mud and muck. She’s felt the pain and the sorrow and the anger. She’s yelled out to God and she’s resented how He had let her get hurt and how he created her…


when she was ready to love Him, accept His love, and get to truly know Him in relationship, He was there.

Waiting for her.

Just like He’s waiting for you.

Through my waiting and my trusting God, I have developed strength,
courage, patience, & endurance.   Quote by Robin within the chapter.

If you have been hurt or are currently hurting from traumatic pain such as rape, molestation, self-harm, attempted suicide, and abuse, read this chapter first. Not because the others are any less powerful or good, but because if you’re reading this today, I believe it’s not by accident but by divine purpose and reading her chapter first will help you on your steps toward healing.

If you don’t already have the book, God loves you so much that He had Robin and I record a special message for you last night. When I tell you that He loves you so much…we totally thought we were recording something else. When you are safe and can listen, visit this message, which will look like two women talking but is truly God speaking through us to you. I don’t doubt that at all. (You are totally welcome to listen to it even if you have the book, but specifically those who don’t have the benefit of Robin’s story in front of them will find this helpful.)

For those who have been hurt in the past and are on the other side of it, you will find another level of healing just by hearing Robin’s story. In our talk last night, I had revelation and I’m 14 years out of all abuse I’ve endured! It’s powerful. Then I read her chapter again and … I sat for the first time in my life FULLY understanding as much as is humanly possible how much God loves us. How important we are to him. There’s power in her story and she’s still not done sharing it, but this is a powerful moment that will help you find your complete healing just as Robin is finding hers.

Robin shared 8 pages of her story, 3 pages of how God came and spoke to her through scripture (which if you don’t understand what that means, it means that she heard a still, soft voice within her, kind of like the one you may have heard that told you to come online tonight or the one you felt last time you were abused and you wanted to end it but didn’t because something inside told you to keep pushing and keep fighting for those breaths), and then 3 questions to reflect upon.

We don’t talk a lot about being angry with God and how He isn’t afraid of your big emotions. He can handle them. He created you. He knows your thoughts and He STILL LOVES YOU. He’s waiting and He’s not being silent like we think He is. He is just waiting for you to TRULY invite Him in. Robin shares the journey it took for her to get there. Yours won’t be the same but you could find hope, inspiration, and a string to keep hanging on to by reading her words.

To purchase the paperback from Robin, visit her website today. While you await the book’s arrival, listen to this song and let it really minister to you.

If you are in danger currently, please reach out to, or 1.800.799.7233 (TTY 1.800.787.3224, or text “Start” to 88788.

Connect with Robin

To purchase the paperback from Robin, visit her website today. The book is high quality, and the paper feels great on your hands!! Additionally, each chapter ends with questions and room to answer them. It’s meant to be written in, highlighted, and used daily!

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