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How to Become More Disciplined

Discipline is a powerful tool that we have within us when we take the time to ignite it. Learn the benefits of discipline and five tips for becoming more disciplined.

Get Used to Doing the Hard Things

Distasteful tasks may be unpleasant but you could be making them worse than they have to be. Avoiding tasks because they aren’t your favorite… or they truly are gross or hard, could be depriving you of a level of maturity and normalizing doing hard things.

Know When To Take A Break

Being proactive and making progress in life doesn’t mean you work all the time. It means you plan for your breaks and know how to differentiate between proactively taking a break and procrastinating.

How to Get Used to Being Proactive

It’s not always easy to tolerate a proactive lifestyle. You’ve been procrastinating for so long, it may feel really weird at first to do things ahead of schedule. Here’s some tips for ensuring you don’t trip yourself up.

How Shifting Your Mindset Helps You Become More Proactive

Procrastinating less starts with shifting your mind and committing to a more proactive lifestyle. Doing so empowers you to feel less overwhelmed and gives you a healthier sense of self.

Self-Check: Do You Use These Excuses to Justify Your Procrastination?

When I think about how fast time flies, I can see how it’s easy to procrastinate and want to get the most out of each day with things we love to do versus have to do. But we aren’t here for that, are we? We are here to kick this terrible habit out of our lives for good. Let’s talk about those excuses and how to stop them.

Two Ways Procrastination Can Hurt You Most

There are two areas where procrastination can hurt you most. When it is a habit, be sure to remain aware of these areas so you don’t find yourself alone and broke.

Impress Yourself: Permission to Rest

Have you taken time to rest? Are you ensuring you’re taking care of yourself and making time fir the things you love? It’s time to impress yourself instead of others.

Living Your Life Intentionally

Back in August and September, Beth Perry and I sat down to talk about the importance of continuously evolving. I was finally able to piece the videos together to share with you last night and was so inspired by our conversation. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Your Biggest Supporter

In this new video, I share the revelation of why we hold ourselves back from success by not being our own supporter.