It’s Time for the World to Hear Your Story

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Are you tired of muting yourself in a world filled with people shouting into the social media and blogging abyss?

Are you frustrated with feeling like your thoughts aren’t valid, strong enough, or worth hearing because others have said them before in other ways?

Are you watching others share their stories, wishing you had the ability and skill to do so?

As a Voice Discovery Coach, writer, and marketer, I am here to guide you as you learn to share your story in the way that is right for you, while empowering you to discover your voice, develop the courage to use it, and identify the best means for distribution to and connection with your audience. Whether you are a writer, speaker, minister, musician, or businesswoman looking to advance your communication and speaking skills, I look forward to meeting you and learning how I can help you with your specific situation.

What the Heck is Voice Discovery Coaching, Shell?!

Simply put, Voice Discovery Coaching is a process of exercises, discussions, and actions that empower you to stop hiding in the crowd and instead start enjoying the spotlight at the proper times. Using tools, resources, and steps I used when I began sharing my story with the world, I empower you to manage the fear, self-judgment, and imposter syndrome that arises as you step into the spotlight. And we have fun as we do it!

Voice Discovery Coaching with me has empowered former and current clients to become the writer, author, singer, minister, speaker, poet, or actor they previously thought was impossible until they worked through blocks, overcame fears, and stepped into their authentic voice regardless of the number of people staring back at them. It has helped many individuals write books, become speakers, and step into new careers they never imagined themselves within. It has reminded people of their power to step into their best lives and become the version of themselves they never thought possible because of their backgrounds, social statuses, or lack of confidence. It has helped entrepreneurs create programs that are changing their communities and has provided people who felt like giving up the resources needed to realize they were just opening the wrong doors and remaining silent in the wrong areas. It has empowered folks to live courageously and break through their own walls. And most importantly, it has helped people dream with deadlines and set goals that have become accomplishments.

In the Voice Discovery process, I will guide you through a series of useful exercises and discussions as you break through whatever obstacles are blocking you from knowing your true voice and how to use it well in a personal or business context. By creating content you can use as we journey through this process together, we will identify where you are using your voice best, which situations are ideal for your whisper to be louder than others’ shouts, and how to translate that learning into the right platform for your talents and audience. This isn’t another coaching program where you leave feeling like you invested money but have nothing but knowledge to show for it! Your blog, website, social media profiles, and / or published articles will show your journey and allow you to apply what we discuss from week to week.

Some folks have come to me to learn to blog and ended up realizing through conversation and personal reflection that they actually desired to vlog, sing, or create artwork. Others have come to become stronger communicators for their careers only to find they wanted to start their own businesses. Not all people need to share their stories through books; there are so many platforms available for you to connect with the people assigned to your life (art is a wide area and some of you will share your story and use your voice without ever speaking a word)! Some people have gone on to become artists and filmmakers while others have become business owners or advanced in their careers. The possibilities are endless!

You have a purpose, and there are people connected to you that you haven’t discovered yet because you haven’t stepped out of your excuses or fears and into your possibilities. Whatever happened to you or whatever you did to others can become the foundation of strength upon which you build a lifetime of memories and change… but only if you are courageous enough to do so. This program requires you to show up for yourself and do the work necessary to share your story.

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Spotlight?

If you are ready to give yourself a chance to shine, to say “yes” to yourself the way you most likely do to others, to free yourself from the chains others have held you back with all these years, let’s talk! Let’s talk about who you are and why you want to learn how to use your voice. Let’s talk about what projects you are struggling with and why you aren’t progressing in your business or life the way you desire to. Let’s talk about how to move you from feeling silenced to knowing others hear your whispers above the noise in the atmosphere. Then we can decide together whether you need my voice discovery coaching or one of my additional services.

I am available for people who see the bottom of the staircase and are intrigued enough to step onto the first step but need some guidance in getting to the top. I am prepared for both the confident woman throwing glitter everywhere she goes and the woman who is showing up each day by implementing skills she learned in years of therapy to overcome trauma. I’ve been both and I am ready to lead you to your promised land with prayer, empowerment, practical exercises, accountability, and a belief in you that you can borrow from me until you use it yourself (just as I’ve had to do from others at many points in my journey). If you’re ready to share your story authentically, confidently, and responsibly as you help others become free from prisons they have remained in too long, let’s connect!