Freebie from a Friend: How to Find a Good Editor

Remember Nancee, The Language Agent, from the Fireside Chat a few weeks ago? Well, it turns out that she and some friends wrote a book about how to find a great editor. And it’s free!

Download it today if you would like the inside school from REAL editors!

Email Marketing for Creatives: How You Should Talk to Your Audience

Ashely DeLuca and I sat to talk about email marketing, moving from a side gig to a full time business, and how to set big goals for your life and business. She shares actionable tips for talking to your audience and growing your list, as well as inspires you to be more intentional about how you are living. Take a listen to the video and see what you can act on today!

Music & Musings: “Simple” by People & Songs

My pastor sent a song to me about a month ago that I’ve been meditating on and allowing to speak to my soul. As a writer, I love to hear the heart behind words. As a coach, I love to digest how I process things so I don’t write something that I don’t fully understand. As an overthinker, I love to overanalyze and then apply the things I listen to so I don’t waste their potential. This process is anything but… simple.

Since I’d been considering bringing the Music & Musings series back, I figured why not kick it off with a post sharing my reflections on this song. So…welcome to Music & Musings, where I break down a song and share my thoughts on it in somewhere between 250 and 7437 words. Semi-kidding, though Say Something was very long.

Before I begin sharing my thoughts, please take a moment to listen the song:

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Reaching Your Dreams by Creating Goals

My goal is to be a bridge while showing people how to take the stairs.

**What the heck does that mean?!**

I listen to my clients’ desires for what they want to do with their creativity and voice. I hear what they are saying but I listen for their needs. When I identify them, I assemble a team, seek out resources, and form a connection between them and their goals so they can reach them. However, they must be willing to take the first step, like with a staircase. They must take actions and utilize what I share with them, or they won’t reach goals.

**That’s great but I’m not a client so how does you telling this help me?**

I’d love to show you! Here’s a version of the process I use with my voice discovery coaching clients to help them dream again and identify which dreams shall remain ones they see with their eyes closed and which should be ones they live out, eyes wide open, and turn into accomplishments.

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Is It Time to Edit Your Book? Here’s the Team You Need… [Video]

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Nancee-Laetitia Marin of The Language Agent about editing, the importance of having the right team, and how she got started in the industry. The conversation was very informative and it was great to hear another writing professional share the difference between line editing, copy editing, developmental editing, and proofreading. I can attest to the importance of a great editor. I am terrible at editing my own work! When you have a great team supporting you, you are able to accomplish more and think of things you may not have considered without the outside opinion.

Let’s jump in to the talk!

This interview was originally posted on my creative lifestyle blog.

New Year, Better Version of You

It’s a new year so naturally there is all this pressure to be a “new you” and to make resolutions you will give up by tomorrow and set goals that you will fail to hit and give up on by the 13th. That doesn’t make you want to get out of bed but instead encourages you to hide under the covers until next year! But what if it didn’t need to be that way?

Who says it does?

I haven’t made resolutions since 2006. I haven’t set unrealistic goals for myself in about 2 or 3 years. Instead, I set my goals for the new year starting in October of the previous year and do the Last 90 Days challenge hosted by Rachel Hollis and her Start Today brand. I then solidify those goals the last week of the year and start the year in full execution mode!

With each goal, I use the SMART goal format (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timed) so I am able to keep myself accountable for them. I ensure at least two of the goals are ones that scare me and feel out of reach despite being realistic for my skill set and how God has gifted me. I don’t set goals that make me a new me but instead focus on improving myself and becoming a better version of myself.

Below I share with you my intention for 2020 as well as some thoughts and resources for you so you can have a powerful, productive, and better year as well. Where do we start?

Ditch the resolutions!

Scrap the goals that don’t excite you!

Lose the idea you have to become someone different to succeed!

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To Those who Don’t Feel Like Today is Very Merry…

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. For those struggling today, know that you are not alone. Please call someone if you want to be around others and see if there is an empty seat. Most often people just forget to extend invites because they don’t know others’ situations fully. I shared this on my creative lifestyle blog and wanted to share it with you as well.

The Essential Creative

I’m hoping that all of you are off enjoying your families. I pray that you are able to spend this day with friends if you don’t have families to enjoy this day with. However, I also know reality is that many of you are working, serving, or don’t have people to enjoy today with, so for you, I wanted to share this poem below. While it is from Thanksgiving, it is every bit as relevant today. Baby Jesus, in my faith, came for all of us. He sees you. He sees me. And He knows the pains we speak of and the ones we will never see. I pray today you know that you are seen and you are loved.

Merry Christmas,




…to the brokenhearted
the ones with a lump in your throat
those who will feel lonely in a crowded room


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Fireside Chat with John the Bap: When Your 9-5 Funds Creativity

Hear this fun and inspiring fireside chat between John the Bap and me.

The Essential Creative

Last week, I launched the Fireside Chat series. I am so excited about this idea that has come together in a way I never could have expected. I’m learning a lot about people I already know, am meeting some new folks, and am enjoying the conversations we have. While I have prepared questions ready to go, I love when we get to go off script and talk about things that are on our hearts.

In today’s fireside chat, I sit with John Burgess, AKA John the Bap. John is a father and husband; music, video, and television producer; photographer; DJ; rapper; songwriter; graphic designer, and so much more…  Listing his talents and talking with him about how he decides which to pursue helped me feel less judgmental about myself and being a multi-passionate entrepreneur. John is the first of folks who identify with multiple talents publicly that I will be…

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7 Gift Ideas for Writers & Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s that time of year where those of use who celebrate Christmas are wondering what do we buy those folks on our list for whom we can’t seem to find anything that jumps off the shelf at us. We walk through each store and wonder if they’d like this or that, and then talk ourselves out of it, knowing we wouldn’t really like those items so why would they? But what if the answer if a more obvious than you think? What if there are options you haven’t considered that would just take asking a few questions to learn more about their interests and current needs?

I think I have a few ideas for you across various budgets! Most of them would work for a birthday or boss’s day or any other reason for giving a gift as well.

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Fireside Chat: JRenee of No Honey Makeup & Shell Vera of The Essential Creative

This past Monday I launched a new series over on my creative blog: Fireside Chats with The Essential Creative. JRenee Burgess of No Honey Makeup spoke with me about how she took the leap from fully employed to launching her own makeup line and being an entrepreneur full-time. It’s an inspiring story filled with transparency about the moments when she wanted to throw it all in. We also cover faith and beauty and how to go after your dreams with full assurance that you are in the right place! It was a fun first chat and I am excited to share it with you.

Leave your comments below or on the YouTube channel and subscribe to The Essential Creative so you receive notifications for the upcoming Monday chats. I have already recorded four that will be posting in the coming weeks! Hearing what each person has to share will not only help you as you better understand your own voice, but will help you in business, family, faith, and community as well.