Poetry: Love Is…

Back in 2017, a friend asked me to write a poem about what love is. I accepted. As we embark officially on this holiday season, I ask you to set aside the Black Friday deals and shopping madness and consider what love means to you and how you can celebrate that love with the others around you today and each day moving forward. Today, I am thankful for the love within my life and how many people I am able to say I truly love.

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Using the Keys in your Hand

Doors. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about open doors, closed doors, long hallways, and why people are so afraid to use what is in their hands. We all have skills, talents, gifts that we can use to unlock doors (call these our keys), but we become so afraid because of past experiences that we don’t use them.

What if your past experiences and everything you have been through to this point has created the perfect mix of experience and zeal to help you turn that key, walk through the door, and secure a good future by using those gifts to help others?

Our experiences are not just for our own lessons. In fact, many believe that our experiences are often for others folks to learn from so they can see that we rose above them and triumphed over them. So others can see that what was meant to break us instead built us. This is why it is important to understand how your experiences help you understand your voice and how your voice can help you share your story. Perhaps you haven’t found the happiness you desire because you are meant to help others and haven’t yet allowed yourself to do that in the way that is true to who you are. As we step into this holiday season, I hope you will walk with me through this post using the analogy of keys and doors as we talk about the skills, talents, abilities, and gifts you have and how you can use them to truly discover your voice and learn how to share your story. What a gift it would be to end the year living authentically and fully in the life you were designed to live.

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Poetry: Standing on my Tippy Toes

(Poem in response to the featured picture.)

As a child whenever I wanted something just out of reach, I’d stand on my tippy toes.

Arms held high, hands reaching out, letting out that little grunt sound that implied I needed help but didn’t want to ask for it.

I’d try to become taller and taller just to reach what I wanted.

Sometimes a toy that had been away from me or a snack that someone had pushed too far back.

As I grew older, I stopped the grunting, realizing that if I really wanted something I had to get it on my own.

I’d wiggle and try to find some way to make my arms a bit longer, as if wiggling would somehow activate Go-Go-Gadget-type springs to extend my reach.

I began to see how I could have the things I wanted if I just reached high enough or made myself tall enough.

Sometimes, I even had to climb on counters and get a little creative with my footing.

But I always got what I wanted.

Then I met you.

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Letting Go Can Be Beautiful

This time of year, we see colorful leaves and dead trees all around us in the Northern US. We take pictures of their shedding process, producing stunning backdrops to this beautiful season while sometimes missing the powerful lesson the trees teach us: There’s beauty in letting go!

There’s a quote that says, “This is the time of year when the trees teach us that there is beauty in letting dead things go.” Dead things in your life can silence your voice. What is dead in your life that you need to let go of?

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Mountains & Your Voice

You will NEVER know what’s on the other side of this mountain until you get there. When you’re struggling with your voice, you can forget to remember that this is just for a moment. On the other side of the mountain is something truly breathtaking. Beyond the self-confidence, grace, and joy you acquire when you truly know your voice is a knowing that you’re no longer wearing masks or living in others’ shoes. This is you.

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Create Something. — The Essential Creative Community

Take time to journal about this thought from my creative blog. I posted this a few weeks ago but it’s come up a few times this week in client call.

How does it make you feel to be told to create something?

How does it feel not to box yourself in? Can you imagine that?

Let your imagination go wild as you create!

Some times you just have to create. Stop boxing yourself in with expectations of the final outcome.

Create Something. — The Essential Creative Community

Writing Tip: Understanding Your True Voice

Instead of trying to write for everyone, think of and write for the one person who you want to read your fiction book or who needs your non-fiction book. When you do this, you remove the critics and start a conversation using your natural voice. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself making progress!

When you’re truly using your natural voice–your true voice, it will feel like a conversation between friends versus you delving out information to anyone who will listen. It flows naturally and will be like sitting at dinner with a friend having a conversation instead of like you are standing on a stage trying to be heard over a crowd.

To the Person Ready to Quit Life…

Maybe you’re looking through your WordPress Reader right now looking for a reason to live. Maybe you searched out these words to find a reason not to give up on life. Maybe today sucked. Maybe this life has sucked and you’re ready to give up.

Please read this before you make any decisions and take any action.

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For Everyone Trying to be Somebody…

There is such a push these days to become “somebody”. A five-minute scroll through your Instagram feed can make some of you feel like you are accomplishing absolutely nothing in your life. I want to debunk lie today – and I am going to do so by using a story line from New Amsterdam (S2E2 The Big Picture) and photos by Viktor Hanacek of Icelandic waterfalls. Stay with me as I walk you through a series of five photos and talk about perspective and then tie it in a bow with an example from last’s night episode of New Amsterdam.

If you watch the show but haven’t seen this week’s episode – STOP READING THIS POST AND COME BACK AFTER YOU HAVE…

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Freedom Fridays: Journal Prompts for Ensuring Proper Self-Care

Are you looking for journal prompts? Each Friday I will share at least 3 for you to journal through so you can continue moving towards living your best life!