Procrastination to Progress Challenge: Weekly Check In

It’s Day 7 of our October Procrastination to Progress Challenge. How are you doing?

Today is real easy post. You’ve been doing the hard work this week so today is catch up day. If you missed any of the work from the previous 6 days, jump in and do them today. Breathe a little, relax, and enjoy your progress so far!

Graphic that says "Stop waiting for tomorrow. Start now."
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Acknowledge Your Procrastination and Identify Why You Do It

You may not know why you procrastinate, but you are aware if you are doing it often. You are probably reading this because you are tired of the mental and physical tolls it is taking on you. You may be tired of defending your habit to others and making up excuses for missing deadlines.

When not directly tied to mental health concerns, such as anxiety and ADHD, procrastination is just a really bad habit that can be easily broken by putting simple measures into place. When it’s a symptom of a mental health issue, it can still be broken but may take some additional work.

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Why “I Work Better Under Pressure” is a Lie for Most People

Many procrastinators believe they work better under pressure; however, most people don’t work better under pressure because it can tip toward anxiety and take a bad toll on their bodies and minds. Today, let’s look at the truth behind what happens when you wait to do things until the last minute.

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Poetry: The Homeless Man

While I am writing posts daily for the 30-day challenge on procrastination, I will still be sharing poems, short stories, book reviews, or other posts from time to time. I don’t want to push myself too hard, but I do want to stop procrastinating on sharing my poems and getting in the habit of typing up things that have been in my notebooks for too long. This is one of them.

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Two Ways Procrastination Can Hurt You Most

Many people tend to think procrastination is very personal. That avoiding and putting off tasks is a personal decision that doesn’t affect them in ways other than creating a last-minute emergencies, less sleep, and possibly making more mistakes. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Procrastination affects the procrastinator…and others, in profound ways. Actually, procrastination has the potential to hurt their lives in several ways.

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You Aren’t the Only One Putting Things Off

Welcome to Day 3 of the Procrastination to Progress Challenge for October. I apologize again for it’s lateness, as I’ve been dealing with the family concern around my dad. I don’t fail to recognize the irony of this situation that I had all this prepared Word wise but didn’t prepare the blog posts because I wanted to allow myself to post each day. Note to self: Prescheduling posts isn’t a bad thing as long as you still engage daily! Without further ado…

Everyone procrastinates. Everyone. At any given time, it’s estimated that 20% of people are procrastinating some aspect of their lives. Students procrastinate studying for tests. Employees put off preparing for meetings and writing reports. Pretty much everyone falls behind in housework and does the mad dash when someone calls to say they are stopping by.  That means life is being impacted by failure to take action whether we are on the clock or off of it. It’s normal to postpone things for a variety of reasons, but it becomes a problem when it becomes habitual.

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The Difference Between Procrastination and Laziness

Welcome to Day 2 of the Procrastination to Progress Challenge.

I have to apologize for the lack of images tonight. I planned to finish this post this morning (the irony), but had to take my dad to the ER. They finally admitted him at 6, after I had to leave him with mom so I could get to my brother’s house to fulfill my commitment to spend time with my niece and nephew while they headed out. As such, I am sitting here at their house realizing that because of the emergency, despite having this written for weeks, I will be unable to post it with the graphics because I held off on finishing them so I could sleep on time last night. Without any additional excuses, here is to today’s post.

When it comes to getting stuff done, there are typically three types of people:

  1. People who take action quickly.
  2. People who wait until the last minute.
  3. People who put in minimal effort.

Let’s talk about them and see which type we are.

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Let’s Beat Procrastination Together This Month: Procrastination to Progress Challenge

Do you struggle with procrastination? If so, the next thirty days are going to change your life! Everyone procrastinates every now and again; it’s human nature to put things off so we can enjoy some quiet time or avoid a big project. Avoidance is a natural way to protect ourselves from stress, pain, fear, and other unwanted emotions and consequences. With the way the world has been for the past nearly 2 years, it’s not surprising you’d want to put stressful projects or large tasks off until the last possible moment.

Unfortunately, procrastination can become a habit and when it does it can affect your health, relationships, income, and faith. Since these are very important parts of your life, it’s a bad idea to let procrastination rule your behaviors, right?  

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It’s Time for You to Shine Bright

For so long, I feared my own voice and BIG personality. I still struggle with it at times today, but this weekend Amanda Baker shared a poem that was about something totally different and yet spoke to me about how much we fear shining bright while others are waiting for the light we give.

I am a woman with a B I G personality and that has caused me a lot of stress over the years because it felt like that was a bad thing. When I am in groups and I am talking while others are quiet, I can struggle with self-doubt and negative inner talk. “Why do you talk so much. No one cares what you have to say.” But then I will get a message from someone about how what I shared helped them, or asking me for the resource I mentioned, and I realize that my inner voice is the inner child I quieted for so longer speaking up because of fear, shame, and so much more. I broke up with allowing those emotions to control me and it has been so much better ever since.

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Poetry: The Dance

She walks in,

beauty surrounds her,

love abides within.

While the music blares,

she looks around the room.

He sits alone in the corner,

darkness hovering around him,

hatred covering his heart.

Hush…the music quiets…

He walks over to her,

“May I have this dance?”

All eyes are on them as they dance,

two walks of life meeting in a common ground,

gracefully moving to the rhythm of their spirits.

The music ends; they let go,

in a rush to leave on the outside,

never wanting to let go on the inside.

Yearning to say another word;

yet afraid to speak for fear of rejection.

They part ways, looking back for only a moment.

He walks out,

beauty surrounds him,

love abides within.

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