24 Ideas for Promoting Your Products and Services

Are you trying to grow your business but don’t know where to begin sharing your products and services with others?

Do you feel like you’re getting lost in the shuffle of all the “experts” telling you what to do and where to post?

I spend a majority of my coaching time with new clients discussing content creation and digital marketing. We have to build the pieces that give them space to practice using their voice, otherwise the voice discovery coaching is pretty useless. I use my experience in developing marketing programs for associations, small businesses, and global entities to guide my coaching clients in sharing content in ways that work for them.

As I’ve thought about how I can share value online and be of service to more of you in an impactful way WHILE using the skills I access daily, I realized that many of you will benefit from a simple list of promotional content ideas you can use to inform your audience about your products / services. My team and I have put together today’s post with that in mind. As you use these tips, allow yourself to go outside the box and get creative with ideas that pop into your mind. The intent when sharing your products and services is to ensure you do so in a way that helps people get to know you better, determine whether they like you, and develop trust with you. If you do that, the buyers and clients will come.

Implement one tip a week for the next 6 months or 2 tips a week for the next quarter to begin seeing results and get comfortable putting yourself out there. Feel free to connect with me for a complementary review of two pieces of short-form content once you implement your first three tips! I love seeing how people show up for themselves when they realize how easy it can be!

Note that I use affiliate links below for the products I use within my own business, such as Pixistock and Flodesk. If you click the links and purchase subscriptions, I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you.

Implement at least one tip a week to get this feeling.

24 Ways to Promote Your Products and Services Online

  1. Make it easy for your readers to share your content.
    • Create and share public, not private or friends-only, posts.
  2. Share your blogs with friends and ask them to comment and share if they like it.
    • It’s okay to ask your friends for support when you are starting out or have a post for which you’d love a boost.
  3. Send an email campaign to your email list with an exclusive offer.
    • If they buy x, they can get y free (FB group, piece of content).
    • If they are a member, they get extra perks.
    • Buy today and get this bonus.
  4. Guest post on relevant blogs or other online publications.
    • Think of those in your industry, people who align with your values, folks who have complementary services.
  5. Share content multiple times on your social media channels.
    • Twitter – two to three times a day you can share the same content between other tweets because half-lives of tweets are short.
    • IG / FB – multiple times a week between other unique content.
    • LI – multiple times a month.
  6. Send repurposed content to your emails subscribers.
    • Check out Gary Vee’s post on how to create 64 pieces of content in a day, then grab some of your content and share it in an update to your subscribers.
  7. Connect with others who have shared similar content.
    • There is so much space for all of us, don’t be shy about connecting with other writers, podcasters, ministers, artists, poets, coaches, marketers, etc.
    • Also consider others in the same vein as you where you can create a new blog post together or record a new podcast, such as this one between Heidy De La Cruz and me.
  8. Submit your best performing posts to other blogs and online publications.
    • If you submit to other blogs, be sure to make small changes so it’s not looked at as being exactly the same.
  9. Add links to new content from your older content.
    • This is great for your blogs, Instagram, Pinterest! Be sure to link to and from each platform. While you are adding the links, reread the older content and ensure all video and external links are working.
  10. Create short micro video introductions of your content.
    • Post those videos to IG, TikTok, FB, Twitter.
  11. Repurpose content on LinkedIn.
    • Be sure to give it a spin for a more professional network there to build relationships and grow their businesses and ministries.
  12. Repurpose content on YouTube.
    • Grab a favorite blog post and read it aloud. By posting a video of your reading to YouTube, you can add a link within your blog for those who want to hear it instead of read it. You’ll be interlinking between platforms, which is good for helping readers learn about your various methods of communication.
  13. Create slide decks of your content to appeal to new audiences.
    • Use tools such as SlideShare or use the deck in a webinar.
  14. Share your content with others you used as a resource (someone’s quote, article).
    • Email them with a copy of or link to the article.
  15. Ask to be included in a content curation.
    • If you see someone curating content in your niche or in an aligned one, reach out to them offering to provide some content exclusive to them (i.e., information or a webpage only accessed by a link available to their audience).
  16. Create case studies about your product or how it was created.
    • Gather member testimonials to do this and you can also use the testimonials for your website.
  17. Share testimonials on your social media, blog, website, and emails.
  18. Create checklists, quizzes, surveys, infographics, videos, and eBooks about your products, business, services.
  19. Tap into influencer marketing where you create content in partnership with them.
    • Reach out to folks with a good following in your specialty area.
  20. Share short guides and how-tos with customers.
    • Make them videos and you can repurpose these too!
  21. Create a list of resources and tools you use in your business.
    • Share it as a blog post, video, or tweet thread.
  22. Use memes to have fun with some of your products / services.
    • If you don’t already have a membership with Pixistock and aren’t sure how to create memes, try out her services today. You’ll have beautiful lifestyle photography, amazing graphics, and a spot-on social media feed if you leverage the resources Alicia and the team provide. (I am guilty of not leveraging it enough, especially since I am a Lifetime Member and have access to EVERYTHING.)
  23. Offer special promotions throughout the year for specific events, holidays, and seasons.
  24. Host a webinar sharing your topic.
    • Then repurpose the webinar as a blog post, so you have print and visual formats.

Shout out to my team for the work they put into this post! I realize I have neglected blogging due to work being so busy so I will be leaning on them more heavily to help me produce posts and content. Be sure to let us know what posts you love and want to see more of so we can serve up what you would.

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